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  1. I dont know Luke's schedule but it's probably busy. I'm sure Linus would welcome Luke to make a video once in a while if he felt like it. I don't know Luke's exact skillset, but I would imagine it's got a mix of hardware knowledge, programming, setting up servers, and running a business, and all of these are represented by Linus, Anthony, and other LMG staff. If Luke has a particular passion project no doubt it will get featured, but I woukdnt expect too much outside of WAN Show and Scrapyard Wars.
  2. It's the CPU and RAM. Another way to tell your CPU is the bottleneck is if low, medium, high, and ultra all produce very similar frame rates.
  3. If you search the review sites there are differences in performance that may arise from improved component quality, but it's rare that board partners offer anythibg significant over their competitors. However, high quality binned GPUs vary from base-level boards in their ability to overclock, which is why the completely unlocked EVGA 3090 Kingpin is several hundred dollars more than other 3090 options. Top end cards are only worth it for extreme overclockers, or gamers with high performance custom water cooling loops that plan to run a moderately-high overclock for daily use.
  4. Maybe what you like has changed with age? I used to love platformers, but as my game proficiency increased over the years platformers have lost their challenge and a lot of their fun. Closest thing to a platformer that I've enjoyed recently was Dark Souls 3 and that's really more of a physical combat RPG with some platforming. That and multiplayer FPS games because other humans really are the best challenge
  5. Ah I havent heard E6600 in a long while! I remember buying a Q6600 back in 2006-2007 for my Crysis-capable PC. I never thought I would still be running 4 cores almost 14 years later though
  6. I wouldnt count on CPU upgrades for that motherboard. Intel will be moving to 10nm and 10nm backport to 14nm chips next which may require a new socket type that wont be compatible. AMD also is moving on to presumably AM5 for Zen 4, so neither has an upgrade path. The good news is that the 10600k will be a competent processor for now. One other note is that the new consoles are 8-core and game engines will no doubt be expanding their multicore utilization. This is what's making me look at 8 and 12 cores for my next upgrade, but I wouldnt call 8 or 12 cores necessary
  7. Can confirm, my 6700k has worked well enough for the last 5 years, but I'm still getting ready to upgrade to Zen 3
  8. Even if the 5600x did bottleneck the 3080 in your application, there's really nothing significantly faster that would help.....
  9. Agreed, and I sort of have a theory about resolution scaling. My theory is that if CPU performance progress hadnt stalled out then we would still be rocking 1080p. 1440p and 4k and I guess sort of 8k have all become viable since GPU performance improvements have outpaced CPU improvements. We advertise them as "features" but in reality they're just consequences of the disparity. I do like the idea of hi-res, but frame rates and smooth performance are more important for me.
  10. This sounds like a big dose of nostalgia which renders any past rosier than usual, but barring that I can see your point and I hope to offer an explanation. I believe that the barriers to improved graphical performance have begun to require more time / GPU power than is worth it to developers, and I believe that the diversity of experiences have grown substantially but not in the ways that games traditionally have in the past thirty years. Graphics Argument: 1) Ray traced lighting is a final frontier for lighting technology, but running ray tracing requires very comple
  11. Part it out or consider Intel if u need a computer upgrade during COVID. Check out a 10900k which is almost as fast as a 5900x, and bring over your old GPU. When you can finally get a new GPU, slot it in and do the water loop then?
  12. Running a 6700k @ 4.5, + a 1080Ti. Can confirm it still works great
  13. 4000 series are AMD's laptop chips. Zen 3 desktop will be 5000 series
  14. 8700K is still excellent. My 6700k is just starting to show age so u have another couple years unless some huge advancement pops up
  15. Lol, I like the 1+ 7 pro inclusion you snuck in there. As a Gigabyte Z170 + 6700k user myself, I can say that our processors still have a lot of life left in them. We are starting to fall behind due to our clock speed disadvantage to the 10600 and soon to be our plausible IPC disadvantage to Zen 3, but we aren't out yet as long as we game at 1440p or 4k. I'm in a bit of a debate with myself over Zen 3, but I am 100% buying a new CPU by the time Zen 4 / 12th gen Alderlake are released since Zen 4 and Alder Lake will both represent big architectural changes for their respective com
  16. Yup, my mobo issue is with my aging Z190 by Gigabyte. Update from 2016 version 6 to newest version 22f from 2018 did the trick. It has made me more diligent about BIOS updates going forward. It also gave a more stable, higher OC.
  17. I have a 2TB 5400 RPM drive I use for old storage from 2009. It quietly clicks when it loads data and I dont really care if it dies...but it's still kicking
  18. I was having issues with restarts for a few years. They were rare and only occured when I had youtube + a game running at the same time. Eventually I updated the BIOS which tweaked the default power management settings, and after 3 months my system is crash free
  19. I remember there was a WAN show where Linus talked about making a weeklong buffer of videos before going on his well-deserved vacation. Given that most LTT employees are gamers, does LTT plan on shooting a couple days of buffer for the Cyberpunk release?
  20. I dont get mad at Shroud for using his super PC to play on the lowest possible settings because it's his computer. I would be mad if he forcibly turned down details on my computer. Let Linus be Linus and you be you. In a time of random rage, there are absolutely things that aren't worth being angry at
  21. FE looks the nicest by far, but I'm starting to hear reviews that the FE VRMs are reaching 100+ degrees after only 30 minutes of load. Not necessarily a deal-breaker but some AIB models are getting better cooling across the VRMs
  22. 1440p 60Hz might mean the 3080 is overkill in all but the newest titles. 3080 can make use of much higher refresh rates, which I think many of us would argue are preferable to gaming at higher resolution. Do consider a 1440p 144 Hz monitor in the future paired with a 3070. The savings from getting 3070 instead of 3080 will help you get a higher refresh rate monitor. 3080 can get you into the 90+ FPS range at the far more demanding 4k, so it will shred 1440p like nothing, giving you a literal "Monitor Bottleneck" in which your CPU and GPU are both held back by your display
  23. Either you mean 2560x1440 or that monitor is truly bizarre