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  1. Same question, would a 3900x and a 3070 be fine with a 650w psu?
  2. When I check on other gpus like the 2080ti, it brings options to buy from amazon/newegg. When the 3080 drops will there be an option to buy directly from nvidia?
  3. True, but I saw a leak that mentioned that the "3070 ti/super" will have 16gb of vram, a lot to consider because it will probably be pricier. But maybe 3080 is better
  4. I'm considering buying a 3070 with a 1440p 144hz monitor, but I'm wondering is this really a good decision? I would want this card for another ~4 years and it's hard to imagine games in the next few years are going to stay under 8gb vram at 1440p