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  1. HI I want to make the ..9-Pin HD-Audio to 2x 9-Pin Connector Internal Header Y Splitter Cable I have wires and connectors, please advise on how to connect the wires to the connector. how to connect the wires to the connector.؟؟؟؟؟ PANEL FOR connect the wires to the connector
  2. Please look at the picture. Are the case fans installed correctly? <removed by staff>
  3. Subject:Bus Interface in gpu-z hi hi my systm is cpu i7 4790k fan noctou dh-15 ram 4*8 g 32 g vga asus rog strix 1650s oc (new shop) ssd 240g hhd 8 tb power 1200 w min biostar gaming z97x last v bios and driver s instal setup bios min is default now please see photo https://filebin.net/archive/51xhee4cd2h8pn5d/zip?t=b9ljlfl2 install vga in slot 1 in promram gpu z .. Bus Interface show @x2 !!! when install vga in slot 2 n promram gpu z .. Bus Interface show @x8 !!! I CONNTACT SUPPORT BIOSRAR (MY MIN) ANSWER (Dear Sir, Your graphic card specification: Interface
  4. The two bottlenecks in terms of raw performance is your hdd and then your cpu... Do you have site for bottlenecks measurements? or Introduce site s for bottlenecks measurements
  5. all call of duty fifa mafia hitman more action game In style call of duty
  6. To buy a graphics card, for this system. I do not have a budget problem
  7. hi. For my system with the following specifications, please introduce a graphics card? What is the best graphics card for this system? or What is the best graphics card for cpu 4790k? ram 32 g 1600bus (4*8g) cpu i7 4790k hard disk 7200 prm 8 t min biostar z97x monitor hp ...max. max Resolution 1920*1200 60mhz power 1200 w What is a graphics card? Which model has less bottlenecks?
  8. haji

    fan speed cpu

    fan speed cpu in four program .Why there is a difference؟