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  1. The two bottlenecks in terms of raw performance is your hdd and then your cpu... Do you have site for bottlenecks measurements? or Introduce site s for bottlenecks measurements
  2. all call of duty fifa mafia hitman more action game In style call of duty
  3. 2060 no bottlenecks?
  4. To buy a graphics card, for this system. I do not have a budget problem
  5. hi. For my system with the following specifications, please introduce a graphics card? What is the best graphics card for this system? or What is the best graphics card for cpu 4790k? ram 32 g 1600bus (4*8g) cpu i7 4790k hard disk 7200 prm 8 t min biostar z97x monitor hp ...max. max Resolution 1920*1200 60mhz power 1200 w What is a graphics card? Which model has less bottlenecks?
  6. haji

    fan speed cpu

    fan speed cpu in four program .Why there is a difference؟