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  1. Thanks. decided against water cooling cause Maintanence is more than I thought
  2. Budget (including currency): 480€ Country: Germany Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: mostly games like destiny and similar Other details: 8700k planning to upgrade to 9900k, Z370-f, H80i with a silent base 800 case. Wanting to get a 3080ti if I can snag it at launch. (Dreams man) Ok so about water cooling the system. Ekwb or Corsair ? I pulled the trigger on a new case. 4000D airflow in white for 75. And then I saw the cpu block for hydro x was 66 instead 85. Which I also got. Will slowly buy parts when on sale for 20% off or more. I got 3 n
  3. They provided the service and servers. You are still responsible for the data and material on your own property. Same with cloudfare and megacloud. And megacloud was found guilty of helping spread pedophile material cause it didn’t filter and fight it on their servers
  4. Yeah you might be right but the question is here if governments will care who uploaded it or that they didn’t filter this out in the first place. Leasing companies are still responsible for illegal activities done with their property. And yes to tweeting them and get to stop this ! i hope ltt picks it up for short circuit or wan show to spread it and increase pressure on CCP.
  5. First time uploading this kind of news. Hope it gets the reach for it to be stopped. Sorry mods if I did mistakes.
  6. Today “SauceNao”, a popular reverse image search engine to find the name of an anime or manga from a single panel, called out Canadian child services. The Twitter account tweeted that it caught Canadian child protect on multiple occasions uploading pedophilia material on its services to search for it. The service has disabled cached static content but since CCP is using a bot to upload those images as temp material to be looked for and finding those images on the database of the service itself. The bot the CCP is using seems to be based on AWS, which would mean these pedophile materials are on
  7. today I got took an impulse purchase and bought the i9-9900K but I plan to upgrade to RTX 3080. So my current thought is, is it really worth it to spend 380€ for the upgrade when it does not support PCie 4.0 even. Zen 3 is also on the horizon but an upgrade to AMD would be around 800€, which is double what I spend now plus my SSD's aren't PCie 4.0 even. Tried to search the forums on the topic but no one really explains the benefits and why it is good to upgrade or not. I compared the CPU's on benchmarks and it would get at most 9% diminishing return overall for t