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  1. I am beginning to feel this issue is software related, since there are two main areas where the reset occurs: 1) give or take 3 seconds after BIOS splash 2) after "Preparing Startup Repair" when the screen says "diagnosing this PC" I can sit in the BIOS as long as I want and even access my windows disk image without error. However, after clicking "install now" when installing windows in the install image, a few moments before the product key screen would appear, the restart occurs Sometimes I get lucky and can get past "diagnosing this pc" and reach the advanced start options, and
  2. Here's a breakthrough-- with no display connected, the crash frequency is greatly reduced (I can tell by seeing if the RTX logo on the GPU turns off), seemingly a crash every few minutes as opposed to every few seconds. Could it be a GPU problem? Maybe peripherals?
  3. I'm back to BIOS splash! turns out it must have been an issue with the ram, causing the GPU to not be recognized by the mobo. With one stick in, we're back to the computer cold restarting after bios. I read something about CSM playing a role, could enabling it better my chances?
  4. Do GPU LEDs come on if no display is connected? I would imagine so... that's the only reason I could imagine the GPU is no longer showing lights.
  5. Here's a picture of the IHS -- The thermal paste looks exceedingly brown compared do other thermal paste, is it a feature of IC Diamond? P.S. the seating is fine, and the pins are pristine
  6. I think I'm going to go into seating-land, will give updates
  7. CPU power is definitely plugged in, given it's a 3900X I have all 3 4-pin connectors hooked up on both ends. Still no post.
  8. CPU heatsink is back together, still no POST or LEDs on the gpu. Perhaps I should take a look at the pins on the CPU and reseat it? I would imagine tightening down the CPU heatsink mount would help check the seating of the CPU, but I guess not...?
  9. I've tightened it down considerably more, and there is still some play but that might just be from the flex of the heat pipes. I originally counted CPU mounting issues out because it operated fine for 7 days with absolutely no crashing, and for it to suddenly have very immediate issues seemed impossible to be a mounting problem me... regardless, hold while I spend copious amounts of time trying to plug in the cpu fans again
  10. I used a really fancy thermal paste my dad bought me a few years ago that's IC Diamond 7 carat compound. I was worried about tightening it down too hard, but there appears to be a little play. I am willing to tighten it down more, but how much would you say is tight enough? I don't know what the likelihood is of being strong enough to tighten to the point of cracking the IHS, but I'm very nervous when it comes to these kinds fo things
  11. Ok, the problem has progressed just now. Now, I cannot even get to the bios splash, or at least there is no signal reaching the monitor. Also, the lights on the GPU are no longer turning on either, which was normally immediate after hitting the power button. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to check the CPU because the NH-D15 is a beast of a cooler and is impossible to reach around to plug the fan cables in, but it appears I have no other option. It should be noted that I have the PC on it's side now, just so I can more easily pick and prod at things without having to move it to the ki
  12. PSU: EVGA G5 1000W 80+ Gold The one I had originally was 850W, and I also thought it could be a power target issue so I upped it to 1000W, no avail.
  13. I built this PC a week ago, and I woke up a few mornings ago to a PC that would cold restart every few minutes after I booted into Windows. I tried looking into this issue in the BIOS, reverting settings to factory presets to no avail. After long, the cold restarting became more frequent, barely getting past the ASUS POST splash screen before restarting again. I can still access BIOS fine, but all other parts of the computer are completely unreachable now. I originally believed it to be a PSU issue, maybe the voltage regulator was faulty and causing hard reboots prematurely, but upon repl
  14. I would recommend going with an AMD cpu+motherboard, since no Intel chipsets currently support PCIe gen 4. RTX 3090 is capable of PCIe gen 4, so why bottleneck it with an inferior data rate? My two cents.
  15. I've been working for a tech company for 18 months, and have been scrimping and saving. Now that I am transferring to a new university, I want to splurge and make a top-of-the-line gaming and workstation PC for my apartment! For the most part I want to spare no expense and want the full system to last me at least 7 years, with parts that are future-proof. All that needs building is the tower itself, I have solid peripherals. I visit family often, so I am dabbling with finding ways to stream my desktop remotely to my slightly older but still decent PCs at home (1080 & 4th gen i7). I have a