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  1. I’m running freeNAS and at one part of the setup it asked : boot via bios or boot via uefi. My motherboard is an ASROCK B365M-HDV.
  2. I was wondering is the ASROCK B365M-HDV motherboard compatible with the intel i3 9100 without a bios update? I only saw i3 9100f on the compatibility list
  3. So the motherboard would be smart and just switch to 2400 MHz for me? And it will work in dual channel without any issues? I’m gonna run freeNAS because it is cheaper than getting a synology.
  4. I was wondering if I could put 2666mhz memory with a cpu that only supports upto 2400 MHz? Because it is cheaper to get the 2666 version than the 2400 version. My cpu is PENTIUM GOLD G5420 I’m going to run it in dual channel with a ASROCK B365M-HDV motherboard (8gbx2 instead of 16gbx1 because it’s cheaper)
  5. I tried shooting WiFi there but the speed is so slow. I only get 10mbit. I used to have a standard cat5e between then but it recently stopped working. And it will be difficult to run a new one because I don’t know how to do it. The old one was run there by my isp I used 7 years ago. I also want to keep it lightning protected.
  6. The resolution I need is at least 1024x768
  7. I want to protect a Ethernet cable from lightning but I can’t use the ui-eth sp because this device needs power through the Ethernet cable.
  8. Thanks I will probably get a $40 nividia card.
  9. Does the i3 9100f have integrated graphics?
  10. I need to live view 10 cctv cameras at my shop but I was wondering will an AMD ATHLON 3000 G WITH 4GBof RAM will be powerful enough My next option is an intel i3 9100f i’m on a very tight budget
  11. What about 8 gb ddr4 2666 APACER LONG-DIMM