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  1. Yeah I've tried that. Still running the same. Might get it check up at a service centre. Thanks anyways
  2. So a few months back I purchased a new laptop- Asus TUF Fx705DT (Ryzen 5 3550H / GTX 1650) and it has been working perfectly fine until a a few weeks ago when I started to notice that my maximum temperatures during gaming sessions were ranging anywhere from 97 TO A WHOPPING 102 DEGREES CELSIUS! I am aware that the max operating temperature of this CPU is a 105 degrees Celsius but still, it has no business whatsoever running that hot. I've had multiple occasions of stuttering as well. Now keep in mind that I had tried increasing the TDP of the processor to it's maximum capacity whic
  3. Yeah I tried googling it, nothing came up. As for the link you sent I don't know if the internals are the same but the casing looks pretty different and thanks a lot for your time. Cheers
  4. Data collection may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what companies get their hands on your data. Facebook has been accused of some pretty shady stuff including selling personal user data to service providing corporations. What this might mean (in an extreme case or maybe if companies like facebook aren't kept in check in the futute) is that say an insurance company that's looking to increase revenue might make a deal with Facebook and monitor your diet habits to calculate your health premium accordingly without your consent or knowledge. But again, this is only speculation, al
  5. I dug up an old LCD monitor I had that was lying around in my storage room and it's from 2006. I plan on using it as a secondary monitor paired with my laptop and I haven't started her up yet cause the adapter hasn't arrived yet. I searched around to find the specs of this thing and what drivers it supports but I couldn't find any website that offered a useful catalogue of old hardware. I tried using the WB machine as well to look up Lenovo's official site, no results. I just wanted to know if there's a website that lets you search specific old hardware models by their se
  6. Are you sure your game isn't switching to the Vega graphics that's built in? You might also wanna search around in your Radeon settings and see the reason why its being capped to 30. As for the desktop icons not moving, i think it's a windows update bug cause i've been having the same issue and it's been happening after i recently installed the latest update.
  7. Have you changed any of the default settings of the GPU using a third party controller like afterburner?
  8. Check if all your drivers are updated and monitoring your GPU stats to find out the cause
  9. what settings did you change
  10. What files are they? You might wanna check your programs file or windows file and check manually for these programs and remove them
  11. What version of windows are you running?
  12. Yeah I guess that’s all there’s left to do then. Just wanted to be sure it wasn’t a router or configuration issue. Thanks for your time :)
  13. I’m from India and we’ve got game servers in our region for most games, with a few exceptions like apex (nearest populated server is Singapore) but even playing those games I’ve never had that much of an issue with latency, it stayed at 60ms. Now it’s jittering a lot at high values, in all games
  14. Yep already did that, Speedtest shows 8ms to a nearby server but ofc that’s not the actual latency. I ran a traceroute and the issue was popping up in the 5th 6th and 7th addresses