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  1. So Vsmart released a promotion videos of the phone with an angle on the screen. It seem the tech look very similar like the ZTE with a tiny square on the screen Link
  2. Here is an update for you: Vsmart just release a post hours ago on their facebook page containing photos of the phones in real life and selfies taken from the under screen camera Here is the link
  3. Thanks for the welcome I have been on here but mostly read the news so I don't start an account. Discover this news so I try to post it. Do you know how to embed the video properly from youtube.
  4. Vsmart, a smartphone maker in Vietnam, posted a post on their Facebook page on Monday the 31st of August announcing that they were producing their own smartphone with its own under screen camera technology, titled Vsmart Aris. The phone is said to also be using a new quantum security system by utilizing the Quantis ORNG Security Chip produced by the Swedish company ID Quantique. Translated Quotes from the company facebook page While the exact specs, pricing and release dates are unannounced, earlier this year in a 5G tech conferences in Vietnam, Vsmart show