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  1. The stock cooler for what you are doing is not enough. Try with AIO or a decent air cooler
  2. Thank you for the tip, I found these! https://www.mcmaster.com/94128A104/
  3. Hello, I have a Cooler Master MB311L case. I lost some screws/standoffs for the 2.5 SSD slots. I have emailed them, but it's taking them a long time to get back to me. Does anyone know the name of these? I can't find them anywhere on retailers but I also don't know the name to look for. I've attached pics, also include video of what I am looking for:
  4. Figured this out...need a 4K cable (the other consoles dont however which is strange)
  5. Hey all, I am having an issue with the my PS4 (fat, no the Pro) and the new AORUS FV43U 4k monitor I just got. For some reason, it can't see the signal, even in the PS4's safe mode. I've tried using different cables, googling answers, but no dice. Any ideas on how I can get these things to see each other? It sees my Switch, just not the PS4.
  6. I have a Lian Li Galahad cooler (240). It's pretty good, and easy to install
  7. Could it be related due to a Windows 10 update? https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-graphics-cards/5/417657/gigabyte-xtreme-3090-black-screen-fan-100/
  8. I'd go with a 650W (80 Bronze+ and above), because these new RTX 3000 series cards can power spike af
  9. Got a new AIO today (Lian Li Galahad 240mm), also did a test bench before with the stock cooler to confirm and yep.... temps were back to normal and where they should be. The problem was the AIO sharted itself. Thanks for all the help, LTT community!
  10. Top config, water block is below radiator (excuse the cables, I've reorged them a bit better since then, but I should of gotten modular power supply):
  11. Two things: A) Got the AIO from Amazon, and this would be the 2nd part that failed from there after a short amount of usage (also had some Corsair RGB Vengeance 3600 RAM bought from there fail after a month lol) B) the same stuff happening to me is happening in this video (granted, different setup, but still):
  12. I might have to go to MC today and buy another to test; I also have the stock cooler still. The block does get really, really hot to the touch. Man, the thing is 6 mths old...is that common? Have ppl had issues with these blocks? I bought it off GN's recommendation (and the temps before yesterday were amazing).
  13. D.O.C.P. 3600/1800 and the below (not my MB but same values but everything is back at stock now since nuking and still getting overheating).
  14. Hey folks, I just built my first PC in Nov 2020. Brief specs: 2 1TB NvME drives, RTX 3070 for GPU, RYZEN 5 3600, TUF B550M-PLUS (no wifi) motherboard, and a EK-AIO D-RGB 240mm radiator for cooling, in a Cooler Master MB311L case with two fans in the front, and one 120mm fan in the back. So, Armoury Crate after an update couldn't find my components (POS software), so I uninstalled/reinstalled all ASUS software... and after that, not only were the components not showing up in AC... the fans just started ramping up and CPU temps started going crazy and my CPU overheated a