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  1. Thanks for your quick reply .. Thanks for your detailed reply. Based on your answer I went ahead and got the CoolerMaster one. Hopefully it would be good enough for my aged PC and my planned upgrade to 8 Core CPU next year + 1060 6G
  2. Hi there, This is my first ever post here. I badly need you guys' help. I am from Bangladesh and right now there is a serious PSU shortage going on here. A few months back I had to send back my Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB 550W as it was showing some problems since I bought it (Even though I don't like Thermaltake PSUs I had no other options then) now I am running a Corsair CX PSU (lent by my local PC parts vendor) for a few months and he finally managed a few PSUs (Added an Image of all the available ones) and I am not sure which one to get. He said I might need to wait another one o