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  1. I am not sure about the engine that she wil be using for rendering But those are the cards in the price range that is given to me by her
  2. Well in my price range is either a GTX 1050TI 4GB , a RX 570 4GB or a used RX 480 8GB And then in my price range there is a Quadro P620 (one of the low end quadros)
  3. and especially in a pandemic when almost everyone runs to buy the most Value for Money pc parts they can find
  4. okay i guess i will see for the i3 10100f or r5 2600 Question is quadro necessery ? the only quadro i can most likely get is the P620 which is not that powerful
  5. will 4 cores and 8 threads be enough for 3ds max or autoCAD?
  6. Yeah almost all AMD CPUs have way higher prices nowadays
  7. the i3 10100F costs 100€ and the 10400f costs 160€ They also sell first gen r5 1600 at 120€ but i don't know if it is worth it
  8. the other options are i3 10100f or i5 10400f combined with a cheap H410
  9. the 2600 is a 6/12 and with a little OC can go for sure at 3.9 to 4GHZ all core it probably wint be that much slower then
  10. Thats exactly my question as well good sir or madam The R5 2600 costs 150€ and the 3100 costs 180€ whle the 3300X is nowhere to be found As for ordering from other country Honestly that might work if the shipment isn't too high Forgot to mention GPUs are super expensive as well a 1050ti costs 165-170€
  11. it would also be difficult for 3DS MAX since it needs more cores - threads and this friend of mine asked for completely new system So my plan would be for either i3 10100 (at 110€) or r5 2600 (at 150€) IDK about GPU
  12. You found a 3300X Cause here those CPU are long extinct Also the R3 3100 costs almost 180€ wwould an old RX 480 8Gb performe better than a Quadro P620? or an new GTX 1050ti maybe?
  13. Is a 4 core 8 thread gonna be good enough? The R3 3100 costs 180 € so maybe the I3 10100 (at 110€) is a better choich? There is the Quadro P620 2GB (costs 200 €) Really nothing else is worth it (1650 non super costs 200 €cause of shortages) so I found a used RX 480 8gb for 150 € Which one would be better?
  14. Budget (including currency): 650 euro or 800$ Country: Greece Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: 3Ds Max , AutoCAD and Photoshop Other details: No peripherals needed, no excisting part, the pc to be replased has a Pentuim E2140 , 2GB DDR2 ram, 400W old PSU , old and bit broken case and an AMD HD7750. The resolution target is 1080p at 60 Hz. It's for a friend who does interior designing as a job at some companies using those software. This are pretty bad since there is so low supply. Please give me some recommendations cause it's driving me nuts to decide.
  15. Hello everyone I will get straight to the topic Recently I bought an Sapphire RX 5500XT 8GB Pulse At first I thought it was running normally until i checked the clocks. So the Memory clock is at 1736 (not 1750) and the Boost Clock reaches 1820-1830 not 1845. And then I checked thermals with Hwmonitor and MSI Afterburner(Which wouldn't let me touch target temps and voltage even when i unlocked them from the settings). The card was hitting 80+ degrees while the fan speeds went up to 20% ( that happened at both silent and performance bios). So I thought it was a driver issue. I ha