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  1. May monitor turn off randomly when browsing and watching youtube videos but when i play for hours it works perfectly. What might be the problem?
  2. The first time it happened was last night. I just take out the ram and put it back. My pc booted up. Today it wont boot up again
  3. My PC is not booting up. The fans and lights are on but no display. What could be the problem? R5 3600 Msi b450m mortar max Sapphire pulse Rx 5600 xt 16gb (2x8) Teamgroup xcalibur 3600mhz Seasonic focus 750w Gold
  4. No beeping sounds, i OC 3 days ago but i run my PC now on stock and this happened. This also happened after I system recovery and install the new version of windows "windows 10 20h2"
  5. My PC wont boot up but fans leds are on. After disconnecting my rams and connecting it again, it boots up fine. This happen twice already. Am I having a faulty ram? Bought this ram 2weeks ago Teamgroup Xcalibur 3600mhz
  6. just here sir on apps and features on windows
  7. I installed media feature pack to open some video editing software. But after installing i experience frame drop. From 130 FPS on COD warzone to 85 FPS. Any fix on this?
  8. Tried to OC my ryzen 5 3600 on ryzen master at 4200mhz 1.3125volts. should i go lower on voltage? And where should i stress test to know if my OC is stable.
  9. i OC mine using ryzen master 4200mhz at 1.375v volts and im having idle temps at 50-58C