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    Finding da wae
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    Low spec gamer, you can take help from me for budget CPUs depending on your need.
    terribol at inglish, i find da wae good
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    finding da wae


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    Ryzen 5 3500U
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    idk laptop motherboard
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    8GB DDR4
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    AMD Vega 8
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    500GB SSD
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    laptop charger
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    1080p 15.6" Display
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    Fan in my laptop?
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    Zebronics ZEB KM 2100
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    Dell mouse and a TAG mouse
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    Leaf BASS over ear headset / Realtek Audio
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    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    HP eq0024au
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    Redmi 6

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  1. Tip: if you want to do "gaming" on it, you can see Low Spec Gamer on youtube, he will show you how to run a game on its ultra lowest settings, for example, he made GTA V look like Roblox and ran it on an extremely outdated card. He helped me a lot when I had a crappy PC. Hope this helps.
  2. Where should I plug it in? It doesn't look like USB. It's really thin.
  3. What port is this? I need to plug it in (It has christmas songs, and my dad wants to play it) It's not a micro SD card, now idk what is it, apologies for the huge image. Thanks.
  4. I can't use a LAN cable cuz my laptop doesn't have one + my wifi is at an inaccessible point.
  5. My ping is literally so high, I tried all popular DNS's and the best one is my isp default. I teleport in all online games. My ping is sometimes pretty good, then suddenly sky rockets in the high thousands. I'm paying for the 50mbps package. Latency not specified. Thanks
  6. I started Unreal engine and found out that you barely need to code, because you have "blueprints" which are like code presets. Example: You want an object to follow a players, then you use the blueprint called "AI move to" Then add the necessary stuff like What object you want to move and where will it move to.