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  1. Thank you so much, those are excellent bits of info that will help a lot!!!
  2. Thank you all so much for the help Amazing community, that actually contribute to noobs like me tons of info
  3. Ok so i gather this wouldn't work Thanks for the help (and i came out a bit stupid here ) So if we continue down this road, will a TR system be any good way to go if my main usage is light gaming+recording and editing for YT and light home use That might also include python/java development?
  4. I dont need it to run in reg. Mode Will it post and run as non-ecc? Omitting b550 is purely based on Jayz and others recommendations to add a bit more $ and get a bit more features Could a b board be used in a scenario a x board will not?
  5. Hi all Assuming i have a bunch of the memory sticks from this picture, a proper gpu, m.2 drive and ssds, Could i use them in a ryzen (zen 2 based) And a x570 board build? My plan is to build something that would reduce some of the costs at first and then slowly upgrade (cpu, gpu, memory) over time when budget allows If this is indeed possible, which x570 board would do a good enough job and have 4 slots of memory to use, so that when i do upgrade to higer speed memory, i can use regular (but high speed memory) and have enough capacity
  6. i understand I'm making ppl lough with my first world problems, but plz try and help i have not yet built PCs with gaming and recording for youtube in mind and have never done such planing for performance and never even considered my power budget. so in this regard I'm a complete Noob
  7. Hi all New here but not new to building my own PCs... I'm upgrading my existing setup from Z600 v2 1*X5650 24GB DDR3 12800 ECC 1* 1.6TB INTEL DC S3510 SSD QUADRO FX 1800 (Yes, this system has not been upgraded since 2011...) main goal is to add as much as possible to its gaming abilities, and for that i followed greenpcgamers guide (don't know how much it is allowed here to link to other builders, so only if you ask me i'll add the link) System chosen upgrades are as follows: 2*X5675 48GB DDR3 12800 ECC EVGA 1660 S