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  1. hey, i don't know what "pm" means. but i am interested in phase change cooling. (BTW i am that guy from last night who asked about phase change cooling) this is my first ever PC build. I am pretty sure that i will get sub-ambient, probably direct phase change, or chilled water.

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    2. ShrimpBrime


      Hey nice pick up on the typo. Pat yourself on the back today!


      Have I never used Skype?


      Sure, occasionally with my brother in law.

      Why asking?



    3. ShrimpBrime


      The oldest voice chat I can recall did not involve a PC.


    4. ShrimpBrime


      Ham and CB radio, and rotary phones. 7 digit phone numbers. 

  2. yes i understand. is there anything i can do to completely avoid condensation?
  3. what is the best phase change PC build 2020 under $3500 (including phase change cooler) with RTX and unlocked CPU?