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  1. Heyy there, build my new pc last september in anticipation of the r5 5xxx and rx 6xxx series with obviously the cpu and gpu missing ( here are the spect btw MPG B550 GAMING PLUS Cougar GX-F750 two .5 tb a400 (got a second one from my sister as it didnt fit in the notebook as there already was a nvme m.2) AeroCool Cylon 4 MSI MAG FORGE 100M) also bought a 1440p 144hz monitor, as i thought it would be a good idea to do with a much better gpu (had a 1080p 21inch) now the big question is if i shoud go and get the 5600x in anticipation of rdna3 or would the
  2. what does group regulated mean ? btw just saw, that there is no f tier, i meant e lol
  3. hmm, guess i gonna look up how much a simple mid-tier 450-550 w costs, should be enough for this
  4. is it that bad ? coz it did work 6 years without problems, like, do you know why it is bad to leave it in there ?
  5. Well i have the f tier corsair psu (650w orange lable) and it worked for about 4 years i5 3570k+ gtx 670 and now a rx580 for 2 years. I am planning to sell the pc to a friend who is on a fx+gtx650 or so and i have no idea how bad a f tier psu is, so should i think about getting him a better psu or not ?
  6. ok, looked up what costs how much and whats sold over here, and i found this : GX-F750 [CGR GD-750] is this the A tier (Cougar | GX-F (Aurum) - LLC)? or is this a different one ? just wanna be save, cos the price is "just" 7.400 pub what i would consider a good price for A tier over here
  7. ok thanks for the info, guess i will have to get a new psu too, budget is big but i dont wanna spend too much, i was thinking about 7K pubel (russia) but i will have to look up what tier b costs over here, tier A is most likely very expensive
  8. Got this psu about 6-7 years ago for an 3570k and a 670 (yeah overkill but i was small back then) now i am planning to get a 3600+2080s(used) or the upcoming 3070 And now i am thinking if i should use this psu or buy a new 80+ gold one, could not find any good information about it, maybe someone knows more ?