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  1. I think so, I used to have all fans on stardard mode, I just diminuished the percentage for less noise.
  2. I've set this fan curve for my system with a r3 3100 with stock cooler, 2 intake and 1 exhaust fans, asus gtx 1650 dual, inside a phanteks p300a. I've set my cpu cooler fan to standard mode, should I apply a curve to it too ? Stardard mode is the second image. My exhaust fan is 5% pwm more than the intake ones on the image. Is this fan curve good?
  3. I currently have Realtek(R) Audio, how do i upgrade it to Realtek High Definition Audio ?
  4. I have isnstalled them but now instead of appearing high definition audio appear RealTek(R). Shouldn't it appear Realtek High Definiton Audio ?
  5. I also found this audio drivers in my motherboard support site: http://www.asrock.com/MB/AMD/B450 Pro4/#Download But it downloads a zip file and I don't know what to do.
  6. I have recently been having problems with my mic and search about a fix, on all the ways to fix it, it is said that I need to install the latest realtek audio drivers. When the download finished it appear and windows menssage that the program is probably malicious. Is it safe to install ? I installed throught this link: https://www.realtek.com/en/component/zoo/category/pc-audio-codecs-high-definition-audio-codecs-software
  7. I have a 3 pin phanteks stock fan connect to the cpu fan header 2 on the back, should i program it in the BIOS to work for the CPU or M/B ? I have 2 intake fans on the front. My cpu is a r3 3100 with a stock cooler, I don't see much difference in temps too by changing it to work acordingly to the CPU or M/B.
  8. No he didn't, thanks for the help tho.
  9. my budget is pretty low, i've seen great reviews of the artics line such as the artics , i have a friend that has the artics 5 and he has no complains about it.
  10. I have recently built a new pc, and when I connected my headset to the back IO my friends said that that my voice was doing a buzzing sound even when I was not talking, my pc is quiet too. I have an Eblue cobra brand headphones( i know that they're trash). Before building this pc I used an asus laptop with only one jack that i used just for audio on the headset, so i never used the headset mic, but one of my friends also has the same headset as me and his mic works perfectly, he is running an older system on win7. I've also tried enabling sound supression and all of those things and
  11. Is a r3 3100 with a gtx 1660 super a good match ?
  12. If ur planning to overclock the CPU go for the X570
  13. I'm planning to build a system with a R5 3600X, should i go for a RTX 2060S or RTX 2070S. I've seen review that its a 15% difference between them, but its a bit expensive for te extra 15%.