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  1. Hello. I wanna buy GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1650 4GB D6 OC, but I don't know will fit in my Dell OptiPlex 990 MT. Here a image of gpu:
  2. Hi. I have intel hd 2000, but i have only 32mb vram and i don't know how to increase it. If someone know please answer.
  3. Hello I wanna buy SAPPHIRE R9 380 ITX, but I don't know whether it will fit in my Dell Optiplex 990. If someone know please answer.
  4. Hello I bought r9 280x from ebay.I put it in my pc and run but I see flicking horizontal lines on my monitor I was confused. I forget about this and start a GTA V I see it run with 70fps and I go to Los Santos and my fps drop to 10. I think its from my video card but I do not know what to do.This fps drop can be see on other games.I see lines in the games too.If anybody know please answer. My specs: Intel core i5-2000 PowerColor R9 280x 8gb ram 550W power supply 160gb ssd