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    AlexaKitty reacted to jonnyGURU in New PSU, couple of "issues"   
    Newer PSUs are going to be more prone to making magnetics noises.  With newer and newer energy efficiency requirements and new safety requirements, they're making it so the circuits have to be way more complicated than they were even just 5 years ago.  Inrush current relays, bleeder resistors, lower switching frequencies, burst mode.....  Certification bodies took what pretty much is a solid state device and made it a noise factory.
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    AlexaKitty reacted to Juular in New PSU, couple of "issues"   
    It is.
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    AlexaKitty reacted to BetteBalterZen in New PSU, couple of "issues"   
    Yes for sure. I hope others here will give their opinions aswell. 
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    AlexaKitty got a reaction from BetteBalterZen in New PSU, couple of "issues"   
    It's not annoying so I don't see a reason to RMA tbh. I'll keep using my PC and gaming as normal, and if the clicking sounds & smell doesn't go away within a few days then I'll start to worry.
    I still want people to chime in with their answers to this. Any help is appreciated, I get pretty paranoid when it comes to power supplies as they power my entire two thousand dollar system...
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    AlexaKitty reacted to BetteBalterZen in New PSU, couple of "issues"   
    That weird smell is normal for new PSUs. The smell should go away after a couple of days. 
    I just got a new PSU aswell, the HX1200i from Corsair. It also smelled kinda bad the first 24 hours but now I can't smell anything. 
    About the weird noises, I'm not so sure... 
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    AlexaKitty reacted to LienusLateTips in How's this PSU?   
    I really don't know why you think this is a gamble. It's a large corporation, they're clearly shown to be at least capable of selling and warrantying PSUs, and the OEM is an old one, with lots of experience. It's a perfectly good, high power (wink) and high grade PSU. 
    If you want more flexible cables, considering going custom. Something from CableMod or the sort, though expensive.
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    AlexaKitty reacted to LienusLateTips in How's this PSU?   
    Every OEM makes shitty and good PSUs too. High Power is a lesser known one in the consumer space, but it's not like it's the end of the world. They're also known as "Sirfa" and have made quite a couple PSUs for Rosewill (newegg), and a couple others I can't actively remember rn. 
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    AlexaKitty got a reaction from SpiderMan in How's this PSU?   
    Well you know, could always make this be the third refund
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    AlexaKitty reacted to SpiderMan in How's this PSU?   
    You should have consulted with us before making the purchase!!

    All jokes aside, this is a high quality unit and will last you the 10 years with that warranty. One of the best on the market. 
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    AlexaKitty reacted to LienusLateTips in How's this PSU?   
    I mean, the brands you mentioned do make some "high end" bad PSUs too
    EVGA G5 1kW
    SeaSonic FOCUS
    Don't worry, a lot of it is just hype 😛
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    AlexaKitty reacted to The_Other_Cody in Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?   
    Getting into PC building in general. Just like car guys, everything is cool and expensive. Who can be bothered to eat when you spend all your money on a 3080!
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    AlexaKitty reacted to terminalinfinity in Would this RAM be compatible? Is it B-Die?   
    Yes that is likely samsung B-die.
    Yes it should work.
    I have the RGB version of that kit and used it with a 3600
    HOWEVER, I helped someone with that exact board a few days ago and found searching for it that for some reason it doesnt allow XMP profiles to be used.  Timings have to be entered manually.  So I'd choose a different board if you're not OCing it as you said below.
    There's a very, very high chance this will just be plug and play
    The B-die that comes in Trident Z 3600 16-16-16 is some really high binned stuff with a lot of headroom.
    I got my kit to 3600 CL14 at 1.375 volts.  Just a .025 increase over stock.  I needed 1.42 volts for CL12.
    Also SOC and RAM have very little to do with each other voltage wise, with some exceptions once you get into the finer aspects of OCing.  But SOC is mainly used for make IF stable while RAM voltage is mainly used well, for RAM.  You can even get into bus termination and use higher ProcODT sometimes to use lower voltages.
    I'd very much expect highly binned samsung B-die to be able to do it's stock XMP profile (1.35 volts).  In my limited tests (before I started OCing) with a very similar kit, I was able to get the stock XMP profile stable undervolted @ 1.27 volts. 
    The 3200 thing was Zen+ and Zen.  Zen 2 can go to 3800 generally while keeping IF 1:1, while the earlier ones were limited to 3200 unless you decoupled the IF, and sometimes not even then because of IMC.
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    AlexaKitty got a reaction from PlayStation 2 in What if intel bought amd?   
    What kind of question is this lol
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    AlexaKitty reacted to Streetguru in Would this RAM be compatible? Is it B-Die?   
    Very High chance you'll need to go up from stock voltage, AMD only advertises like 3200mhz stock I think
    lowest voltage the better naturally.
    You'll want to grab memtest pro if you really want to test stability and let it run overnight sometime.
    Although if you're buying all this stuff new ryzen 5000 is a decent step up.