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  1. If I get an UPS, like the CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD 1500VA/900W (Is this a good UPS), would this help? I plan to only have my tower connected to it and the rest to the power strip.
  2. I tried RMAing it, because I had another user tell me he hears absolutely nothing from the same PSU after 2 months of use. My supplier who tested the PSU also says there is no sound coming from it, even when applying 850W to the thing. I have been using this surge protected power strip: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B002OJYK5G/ I plugged it into my existing power strip, which in turn is plugged into the wall outlet. Could all of this be the actual cause of the coil whine? Could my surge protector cause it? I removed the surge protected st
  3. My CX 650 didn't have coil whine, or none that I could notice, but it gave me a ton of GPU coil whine. This one has barely noticeable coil whine, but in turn reduces GPU coil whine significantly, the ripple is way improved, and the unit overall is of higher quality. I think I'll take the tradeoff.
  4. Guess I'll live with it, just got done with a playing sesh and nothing exploded. Can't notice it unless I specifically focus on it. ty
  5. Managed to capture some of the clicking sounds, turn your volume way up: https://streamable.com/srwxdv I might just RMA this thing... watch it have the exact same issue.
  6. Ok but I think I wasn't specific about the "click" sounds. They're barely a click, it's like when you press on a mouse but don't let go. It's also effectively inaudible unless I put my ear right next to the PSU. And as I said they seem to have stopped. I highly doubt it's inrush current protection triggering off. The PSU isn't hot either, even with zero RPM fan under a stress test. I still don't seem to be receiving a definitive response on the noises. Is this 100% coil whine and can I just ignore it? If it gets worse when I install a high TDP GPU for example I can just RMA
  7. I can't hear the clicking unless I get really close, and it doesn't seem to be happening anymore. The PSU isn't hot at all. Seems to me like it was just flux burning away that made that noise. I can live with the coil whine, tired of taking this thing apart every other week.
  8. Yes I ended up realizing that, I'm more interested in knowing if that noise from the PSU is coil whine or not. I hope it is.
  9. Okay, this is how it sounds like while playing MC with shaders (about 240W on the 3070 and 75W on CPU): https://streamable.com/y3lqzk Is this coil whine?
  10. @LienusLateTipsApologies for the mention, but I would appreciate your take on this whole thing. If the noise and clicking is a cause of concern.
  11. It's not annoying so I don't see a reason to RMA tbh. I'll keep using my PC and gaming as normal, and if the clicking sounds & smell doesn't go away within a few days then I'll start to worry. I still want people to chime in with their answers to this. Any help is appreciated, I get pretty paranoid when it comes to power supplies as they power my entire two thousand dollar system...
  12. That eases that worry. Still not sure about the noise. At idle, it's like in the video I posted. While gaming, it's a tad louder with ocassional faint clicking sounds. But not enough for me to even notice while having headphones on. Is this just PSU coil whine and is it harmless? I'm thinking those "clicking sounds" might just be the flux burning off, but then again I never dealt with soldering before so I know nothing as to how it sounds and smells.
  13. So I finally got that Fractal Design ION+ 860P PSU that I was talking about. The cables were as advertised -- very flexible, installation was a breeze. The PSU works, PC hasn't caught fire yet. However there are two things: 1. It makes this weird "sizzling" noise, like acid in soda but much quieter: https://i.officialalexm.com/ShareX/20210205_171846.mp4 Not sure if this is coil whine or what. It gets a bit louder under load, while making some ocassional "single click" sounds (like when you press on a mouse but dont let go, only one click sound). Again, nothing has
  14. Didn't think of that, but I put all the cables into the PSU before installing it. This time I'll put the PSU in first, it's not hard to install the cables that way and it might even be the solution to this. Even still, the RMx cables were far too rigid to even fit comfortably under the PSU shroud.
  15. I'm routing them as I'm supposed to and my cable management is not the issue. Both the RM units were 15x8.6x16 and there is little space between it and the drive bay. I have no issues routing my non-modular CX 650, which is 15x8.6x14. Maybe I just don't know how to do it, but I spent almost two hours with each PSU and I couldn't figure it out, the sleeved cables which I thought would solve this issue were worse. Looked incredibly cluttered and nothing would fit. The stock RMx 24-pin cable had the bulging capacitors and it wouldn't let the cable go through the cable management "window"