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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a new laptop since my old HP Pavilion G6 is too slow now. I need the laptop for mainly University, office work and watching netflix/yt I have a budget of around £1000 but can go upto £1200 if needed. Please if you have any suggestions could it be available to purchase in the UK and a max of around a month waiting time. I would like the laptop to have a good screen, preferably 16gb of ram, good battery life and build quality as I want it to last me a few years. The laptops I have been looking at already are Lenovo T14s/T14 - R7 4750u, 16-32gb 512-1tb SSD
  2. It's going to be used for office stuff but with my legal work and studies my older i5 laptop couldn't cope with the work load and sometimes I'll use it for Netflix etc
  3. I have a budget of £1000 to spend on a new laptop it will be mainly used for studying, needs to be able to handle a stressful office workload, normal to have 20 tabs open. it needs to have a decent battery life do that it can last a full day of university. I have been looking at the HP envy x360 15.6 R7 4700u which is £900 but the only concern I have is the 250 nits display with 45% NTSC compared to the 13 inch model which is 300nits but 72% NTSC but it costs £1000. I am also open to other suggestions as long as it is £1000 or below and available to buy in the UK. Thanks
  4. I'm looking for a new laptop under £800 for university, I'm studying law so I usually have alot of tabs open which are about 50+ pages long so I need something that can handle a good workload and also has a long battery life I don't need it for anything else purely studying. What would you recommend
  5. Not really I have a Gaming PC it's mainly for doing studying at Uni so Office 365 , 50+ paged PDFs and maybe using it for Netflix
  6. I am a university student in the UK looking for a new laptop for my studies I have a budget of around £500-800, maybe more at a push. The laptop needs to have a long battery life and also be able to take demanding tasks as with my Law degree I usually have about 15 Tabs open with large PDF files. Thanks for you help :D