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  1. Masl

    Good psu?

    The budget is just don't go crazy. I'm currently eyeing the bitfenix gold formula since it's on the list (A tier gold)
  2. Masl

    Good psu?

    Wow that wasn't what I asked for. I don't wanna wait for the new Ryzen chip I'll get this one cheap as with the 3070 I just want a good psu
  3. Masl

    Good psu?

    I need a good AMD Ryzen 7 3700x PSU (Also going with B550 Tomahawk and good ram) I want the system to house a 3070 so idk how much and which ones are good since I used to be Intel but they costly af Edit: if any questions just ask idk what info you need Edit 2: 650w Is good
  4. I just wanna be able to game without looking at min req fearing for life at the new Game (i.e Hitman 3, Cyberpunk 2077) My current Build is mostly carried by my 1070 G1 Gaming.
  5. What information im looking for is my build here optimized for money spend or is there better performance for equal money elsewhere
  6. I recognize your Username you might remember my other post with my build help My main goal is upgrading my current AMD that is very very old and maxes out my motherboard So now i want a new CPU mobo and Ram config that is enoug current gen like hwat i have here to be upgraded overtime with i.e RTX 2070 super, new SSDs etc my goal is to not exceed my current 860€ not by to much
  7. i googled it however Linus Video came to the conclusion of 3200mhz aswell as most Redditors at r/intel saying its the best
  8. I went for an 10700k bc i was told itd perform better and itd wouldt get outdated as fast
  9. so im planning on getting a an i7-10700k with an MSI MPG z490 Gaming edge wifi. which Ram speed would be optimal? Also all Ryzen 7 max out at 4.7Ghz clocking is the extra money for an I7-10700k running 5Ghz worth it ? [~30€] If you say x is better i would like to see proof thanks in advance
  10. because i dislike AMD i would still use one but i just went for the Intel here if you have an similar priced BETTER AMD feel free to share