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  1. I hope YT Links are allowed here. Check the review of Digital Foundry, stuff like that (Comparing different versions of the same game) is their specialty!
  2. Thanks for your response :). Okay since 48" is way to big for me as Monitor I guess I gonna stick with 2 Sepperate Monitors or a Monitor and a TV, I gonna look into that with the information you kindly provided in this tutorial. Last question if I may. If you talk about "Habitual changes necessarry to look after an OLED" doesn't that basically just mean I have to prepare for screen burn in? So basically I'd make "Habitual changes" by installing a sort of screen saver (uhh, oldschool) or just simply turning my Monitor/TV Off while not using it?
  3. Sooo from what I've figured now my dream of an 1440p/144hz Monitor with propper HDR is pretty much dead and I should rather buy one Monitor with a high refresh rate and one Monitor(or TV) With greate colors/HDR?