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  1. We all know how cool and useful Thunderbolt 3 is. That gives me an idea. Why not connect a Thunderbolt dock to an old sucky laptop, add an external GPU, an external monitor, an external CPU, external peripherals. Basically giving the laptop an upgrade without actually upgrading the inside, but using external hardware to do so. I've zero idea if it would work and even if it does, how it would perform. Nonetheless, it'd be really really cool.
  2. I am looking for ideas and suggestions of how to go about making a gaming setup with my HP Elitebook 1030 G2. I am looking something for some causal gaming with all the classes and some other work. I am thinking of using an eGPU along with a hard drive to beef up the setup, some peripherals and a monitor. I don't really have a high budget (> $1000), nor do I have any previous experience doing this. I am looking for something dockable, ready to go kinda, and when I go to college next year, I can just carry it over.
  3. Guys, can y'all make a detailed video or rather just help me with the "one cable laptop to gaming pc" thing from the last build of yours? pwease
  4. Hey. So I've an HP Elitebook 1030 G2 x360 and was thinking of building something like this for myself. To be clear, I've zero experience of PC building or tweaking except of that I know by watching the channel and that I live in India which means that I've to basically pay a shit ton more for specific parts help.