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  1. My pc is stuck on black screen after using dragon center for bios update. Will try using the USB flash bios port The msi video instruction had no cpu ram and gpu just want to check if I have to remove before tying to flash bios?
  2. My 3700x current build Temps spikes up a lot From 46c to 60c on idle pbo turned on. Average Temps on hwinfo 49.6.c Ambiant temp 28-29c call of duty multiplayer Temps Average temp 61c and max Temps 74c Build Lan 2 mesh Noctua u12a Gtx 1070
  3. hi im planniing to cut one or two holes on the front of my inwin 303 for better air flow using a bi 114mm metal hole saw . https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/makita-114mm-bi-metal-hole-saw-bim-d-35601-i112656511-s115312352.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.12.25fd11f6FQgBNb&search=1 i found 2 possible mesh covers for the fans .any suggestions for other pc fan grills options? are there other sites i can order pc fan grills like mnpctech? https://www.amazon.com/SilverStone-Technology-SST-FF121-Filter-Cooling/dp/B0036WTDHK https://www.mnpctech.com/products/120mm-billet-pro
  4. The ryzen line up is over priced where I'm from R7 3700x is only cheaper 20 to 30usd compared to the i7 10700k. My pc is used for gaming ms office and other light programs. I currently have a gtx1070 planning to upgrade to a 3070 or 3080. Would it be better to spend the extra 20usd for a i7 10700k?
  5. whats the i5 9th or 10th gen equivalent of ryzen for laptops? hows the temps of ryzen laptop cpu compared to intel? will be using the laptops on tropical weather
  6. is it safe to use 6+2 sleeved extension cables for the cpu? its the same kind im using for the gpu