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  1. i only have hdmi and my other monitor has vga and dvi
  2. hi no i did not see dead pixel and im on the latest drivers
  3. So I made a post before talking about how my pc wouldn't turn on when I had 2 monitors plugged in, every time my pc turns on I have only one plugged in but now when I launch games my monitors turn off when launching games(my pc is still on) IF I have 2 monitors plugged in. Is this a sign that my graphic card is dying?
  4. where would i find a mining friendly bios and do you mean for my gpu or motherboard
  5. How would i make my normal rtx 2060 into a mining card?
  6. my second monitor is the monitor it uses for bios and everything and that one flashes for a second
  7. it works its just annoying to do that every time i turn my pc on
  8. So if have both monitors plugged in my pc just sits on a black screen but if i have only one plugged in it works.
  9. I was grabbing my mic and the metal grill popped out anyone know how to get it back in? I took it apart for photo. Please let me know if any solutions