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  1. Cooler Master Hyper 212, SilentiumPC Fera 3, Scythe Mugen 5.
  2. Search again, maybe it has another name in your BIOS. Try to find power saving features and disable them.
  3. Core 2 Duos have features called EIST "Enhanced Intel Speed Step technology" or Enhanced Halt State (C1E). Try to find it in BIOS and disable it.
  4. Run Cinebench R15 and show us a screenshot of your CPU frequency.
  5. What are the temps? Try switching Windows to performance mode and look into task manager to check the CPU frequency after that.
  6. I hate music in the background of almost any video, it gives the video a "cheap feel". But maybe that's just me. Talking to the audience is much better than some loud royalty-free music.
  7. If your fans light up, it means that they are powered. Check the manual, I would look for some physical switch in your case.
  8. Do you have a button on top of your case for managing the FAN speed? Isn't it in the middle possition? Try moving this button to the side.
  9. I also own a case from SilentiumPC. The built-in fan controller needs to be powered by HDD power cable, did you do that?
  10. Maybe your SSD isn't formatted and doesn't have a letter assigned. Learn how to do that using cmd and diskpart.
  11. 4 GB is just too few nowadays. My machine eats 7 GB of RAM just sitting on a desktop doing nothing.
  12. Are you trolling? I mean 120 Chrome tabs? Why?!
  13. Are you using SSD, at least for OS?
  14. A week ago I watched JayzTwoCents video where the PC wasn't posting because of a faulty GPU. But since you don't have an iGPU, it is quite difficult to try booting without it.
  15. It can also be the PSU. There is a ton of "PC won't boot up, sometimes. Please help!!" discussions on the internet.
  16. Okay, so you are writing from this computer right now?
  17. If you don't have any stability issues, why do you care? Also, those PSU calculators are mostly BS. Note: Just buy some quality 750W Gold PSU and you will be okay forever.
  18. It wasn't just the boot time, sometimes is wasn't booting at all while in RAID mode. Try booting into safe mode.
  19. Once I had problems with booting when the HDD mode was set to RAID in BIOS. When I changed it to AHCI I experienced an improved boot time. Note: You actually need to change HDD mode to AHCI and reinstall the Windows, I almost forgot that.
  20. Maybe it's RAM related. Did you reset CMOS?
  21. So, should I keep my 2080 because 3080s won't be in stock or will be but overpriced? That's really great!
  22. I was just kidding, I think that your PC is ready for 3090.
  23. I would change the SSD, then it will be okay. JK...
  24. Do you really want to be in Crowbcat's video?