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  1. Hey all, so I built a PC for my friend a small while ago and he had two storage options. A 500gb Intel 660p SSD, and a 2tb Seagate Barracuda. The M.2 SSD worked fine, and the OS was successfully installed on it, however the HDD was not detected. I tried a few things in the BIOS, and noticed the SATA ports were disabled, so I enabled those and it still didn't get detected in Windows. Motherboard: MSI B450m Mortar Max Affected Drive: 2tb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm I don't have any photos, so I apologise for that.
  2. Thanks for the advice on the cards, on that same day I did a bit of research and found out that all 2060 Supers have that half tab bit. (pic to see what i'm talking about), on the far left, the first gold tab.
  3. Hey everyone, first post in this forum. So I was thinking about doing a build for myself, mini itx in particular and noticed that some 1080 Ti’s are quite cheap when compared to 2060 supers. Any suggestions on what to choose would be appreciated, also pre-owned or brand new? 2nd question- I was doing a build for my friend today and I think I shoved the graphics card in a bit too hard, and half of one of the golden tabs on the PCIe connector got removed. There were no obvious graphical problems when booted into windows and when games were played, so just wondering if this could be a