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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to Falcon1986 in Does POE voltage need to match exactly?   
    The AP22 requires 802.11f PoE which is between 44-57V and at maximum, 10.1W.
    It should work OK using the 48V injectors, but you might hit a antenna output maximum if you configure it to it's highest settings or overload the AP with too many wireless clients.
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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to brwainer in Unifi Vintage Hardware, no way to adopt?   
    You can try this (at your own risk, I haven’t tested this, make sure to have a backup): https://community.ui.com/questions/How-to-recover-access-to-a-unifi-controller-when-the-admin-password-has-been-lost-/bea32e54-c8cd-4d08-ba98-b836acebfeb4
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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to Lurick in What are currently the best wifi seamless roaming wifi solutions?   
    Juniper's Mist
    HP's Aruba (enterprise)
    HP's Aruba Instant On (small business)
    Cisco's Meraki (Enterprise)
    Cisco's Meraki Go (small business)
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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to Atomic Explosion in Best eGPU enclosure for RTX 3090?   
    This has a good power supply
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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to SkilledRebuilds in GTA V utilizing 8% of GPU performance   
    CPU Limited game.
    OC frequency to gain FPS.
    I don't think it uses more than 4cores, and of those 4, only 1 might be the render thread.
    4.8Ghz 4790k and the same.. 110-130fps and underutilized GPU.
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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to MurderM in GTA V utilizing 8% of GPU performance   
    It isn't a very optimized game, it isn't designed to be able to get more than 100fps. The engine can break it barely but it's definitely not optimized enough for 240fps no matter the gpu. That being said, I can see why you would be confused as that GPU utilization is very low, life of a 3090 I suppose haha.
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    Oblivion_Creature got a reaction from Gamer Schnitzel in GTA V utilizing 8% of GPU performance   
    So for LOLs I decided to launch GTA V on 3090 and for some reason the game only uses 8-15% in offline and like 5-8% in online.
    I am stuck at 100-120fps on a 240/1440p monitor.
    Does anybody know what is going on?
    CPU usage is at 25%
    Per Core: one core is stuck has max usage of 70% and it is not even the boosted one
    10980xe OC to 4.5 + boost cores to 4.7
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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to Moonzy in Is 1200w enough for i9 and 3090?   
    that video is lowkey dangerous and misleading, he didnt fully load GPU and CPU at the same time to test full load situation
    gaming doesnt load the CPU much.
    so 650W might not be enough if someone runs something like a folding software where it pins cpu and gpu both at 100%
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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to EridanusSV in Newegg issues   
    Probably their end.
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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to Nine2Five in Requisite "RTX 3090 went out of stock immediately" thread   
    Yes I got 1 from NewEgg
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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to Skiiwee29 in Why Corsair is out of stock everywhere?   
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    Oblivion_Creature reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Configuring a pre-build for 3090   
    Id probably go 10900k then. Best for hackintosh, should be the fastest in most of those workloads.
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    Oblivion_Creature got a reaction from zeusthemoose in Configuring a pre-build for 3090   
    Its done trough VM, you can even make it run on Radeon + Ryzen w. no performance penalties