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    ASUS Prime Deluxe 2
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    Corsair Vengeance 64GB
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    ASUS STRIX 3090 OC
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    Luxe 2
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    1TB MSI NVME M.2
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    Be Quiet 1200W

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  1. Yes, that what I meant by "Because with AVX is starts from going down to 3.7-3.8, and then goes up again to 4-4.2", and evyrthing is dissabled. Maybe I am missunderstading AVX offset and it only thrtolles it down at the start or no?
  2. Quick question about the OC maybe you can help, it stable until it hits a sudden 100% workload, I am not sure what should I tweak for it to be more stable voltage is at 1.3. Because with AVX is starts from going down to 3.7-3.8, and then goes up again to 4-4.2
  3. The Corsair 3-RAD. Want to get the cryo cooler soon to replace it. 98 degrees on all core load, if only the performance cores are loaded 60-62. and we all enjoy glory shots, so:
  4. I got it to work randomly once, but my XMP profile on ram was acting up so I removed it. The way I overclocked using basically the same steps as the LTT overcooking guide for intel a couple of years back. Both in bios and in Asus AI OC tool I set clocks to 4.8 in performance cores/4.0 normal, but the actual frequency STAYS BELOW 3.8. The only temporary solution that I found was using the All Cores Button in AI tool which forces the cores to ramp up, but that is stable only at 4.1ghz
  5. I want a base I want a base clock of 4.8 with turbo to 5.0ghz, I know it’s possible with this chip, I accidentally reset bios, and now the CPU is stuck at 3.8ghz with turbos higher than that. But I cannot get the base clock to go above 3.8z
  6. Ok, so I understood what is the issue, but idk how to fix it. It sets the turbo boost clock to 4.6, instead of base clock in XTU
  7. yes, I am OC to 4.8 on Preferred cores, and 4.1 and others, AVX2/512 are both at 0
  8. In CPU-Z my 10980XE starter randomly appearing as a 7980X is that a concern? Also what can cause a dynamic clock that varies from 3.8 to 4.6, if the all of sets are set to 0, and clock is set at 4.6?
  9. I have a pretty extensive cable network at my home, and to reach some of the outlets a Dumb switch is needed. The one that I have installed right now is having compatibility issue with the Aruba AP, what are some good dumb switches that are compatible with Aruba?
  10. I am setting up a network of Aruba AP22 at home, and some of them are unable to run of the router's power supply. All of the POE injectors available for decent prices in my region are 48v one's, but Aruba puts 57v as the requirement. I connected one AP to that injector and seems fine, is there any danger in using them or no?
  11. More towards the first reason, neighbours ors and cops are a non-issue I though of going with good IP68 speakers + an amp/recivier with Dolby Atmos/Airplay and all of the other features, however, I don't know what reciver to choose, and all of the speaker with IP68 are selling for 3ple the price in Russia, was considering 5 sets of Polk Audio Atrium 4(10 speakers not for loudness was a wider area coverage).
  12. I am torn on the JBL Partybox 1000 in terms of audio quality, is the sound good enough for 850$ or should I still look for outdoor speaker. + amp set up?
  13. What are you suggestions for an outdoor speakers set up, that would support Dolby Atmos? My ideas was to get Polk Audio Atrium 4's their sub and a decent amp that has Dolby Atmos, however, I have no clue what amp I should get, that would also have bluetooth connectivity if people want to quickly connect to it. The other route was to by the 2 JBL PartyBoxes, but from my understanding they do not have Dolby support. (The other reason I just don't go with the first route is that I need to ship those speakers from US to Russia, since here they sell for 3tple the price)
  14. Yes, it is. i was able to make it work, but I am unable to login into the controller, is there any way to bypass the login? (gives wrong password/username error)