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  1. I currently use a Microsoft 6000 bluetooth keyboard. For me, it has the following key features: Curved key layout No palm rest No numpad Full sized keys Wireless I have been using the keyboard for years, and lately I have started to have connection issues, and I wonder if perhaps the keyboard is wearing out. I have searched high and low, and cannot find another keyboard on the market with the features above. There are many that meet every feature except that they are not curved/ergonomic. Ideally, I would also like the keys to be quiet and
  2. I went with the TBone EM800. Fingers crossed it doesn’t suck.
  3. Thanks! I will see what I can find of these in stock! I appreciate the advice, as always.
  4. Thanks! I would like a microphone that I can keep out of frame so it looks more professional on video calls for business. The field is view is pretty small, so as long as its not a huge microphone, it shouldn’t be difficult. The C2 pencil microphones seemed to check those boxes but alas, it’s unavailable.
  5. Thanks Centurius. Equally interested in any other suggested alternative to the C2 if not the CR21 - even if it is more expensive.
  6. I ordered the Behringer C2 microphone on the recommendation of the Flying Sloth. Unfortunately the music store called to tell me it is out of stock and way backordered with no ETA. My use case is for video conferencing (zoom, Webex, Microsoft’s teams). Instead they have suggested the MXL CR21 for an extra $50CAD. I have a Behringer UMC202HD interface. All of this is new to me - the C2 was to be my first XLR mic. Can anyone comment on: Is the CR21 at least as good, or better, than the C2, and Is my interface compatible with the CR21? Equally interest
  7. I have two of them. I have used them plugged into PS4 Dual Shock controllers, plugged into a gaming laptop, and plugged into a 5 year old desktop with a nothing special motherboard. Always sound great, never heard any noise/static, always been loud. I have never owned an AMP/DAC so I can't say if they would sound better with it.
  8. Thank you both! I will get the C2 and UMC202HD then. For my own understanding, is there any benefit to using both C2 mics at once for video conferencing? Now the tricky part is finding anyone with either of these in stock. Judging from Amazon data, seems like COVID has led to a months long stock shortage.
  9. Total noob with microphones. Buying my first non-USB/3.5mm microphone setup. I want to use it to improve my conference calls (Zoom, Webex, etc.). Sounds like the Behringer C2 is a good option. I have read The Flying Sloth's guide, and he recommends the Behringer UM2 or UMC202HD. Since the C2 is a pair of microphones, I am thinking that means I need the UMC202HD - which seems to have two XLR inputs on it - as compared to the UM2 which has only one. Is that correct, or am I misunderstanding something? Thanks! ~Nick