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  1. Hey Riley, any reason why you didn't wall-mount your old monitor above the UW as a secondary? surely it can come in handy?
  2. @unclewebb I do actually have the High Performace plan on! Does nothing, unfortunately, and from what I've managed to dig up myself, I started to think that this limitation is probably baked into the CPU and that there's nothing in Windows or BIOS that I can do.
  3. That's fair, but do you reckon there's a way to give the CPU a bit more juice when it's unplugged? Because otherwise this thing is unusable unless plugged in...
  4. Just got myself an ASUS Vivobook X540MA, and the CPU (Celeron N4000) is giving me some trouble. When the laptop is plugged in, it behaves like normal and boosts up to 2.5 Ghz, and the machine's performance is ok. However, when I unplug the laptop, the CPU clock speed instantly drops to 0.79 Ghz (as reported by TM) and stays frozen, and therefore, the laptop becomes barely usable. Tried updating the BIOS, changed the power plan - nothing helped. Any tips? thanks in advance!