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  1. Thank you. To be honest: if I could get the 3070, for that price nonetheless, I would probably use it. However, in Germany atm you have a really hard time getting any card in that price range, except maybe them AMD RX 5700xt. The 2070s for instance is only available in pre-builts.
  2. Thanks for your reply, and alerting me to the CPU bottleneck. regarding your question: I’ve never built a pc myself, but I guess I could figure it out nonetheless if the price difference would be extreme. However, don’t really see that I would be saving a whole lot by building it myself + I won’t get 3 years of warranty on the system. Which parts would you recommend to get for building it myself that would be better but cost ~same as the prebuilt system?
  3. Hey everybody, Thank you so much for helping me out, I am not an expert on PC system requirements by any stretch of the imagination, and want to make as informed a decision as possible. The use case: playing FlightSim 2020 in 1080p (potentially 4k sometime down the line) VR through Oculus Link on a Quest 1 & Quest 2 Playing FlightSim 2020 in VR (closed beta minimum spec is a GTX 1080) My current setup: i7 4470k Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 3x OC 8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro (DD3-2133) 500gb Samsung SSD My options fo
  4. Would you recommend going with the 5600XT over the RTX2060? I can get the (asrock) 5600XT for 281€ and the (inno3d) RTX2060 for 279€, so there really isn't any price difference at all.
  5. Hey everybody, am new on the forum, so please excuse it should this be the wrong category to post in. Since the new MSFS2020 came out, I have been thinking about upgrading my old pc. Current specs are: intel i7 4770k Geforce GTX770 8GB Ram 500GB SSD (EVO 860) I'm now thinking of upgrading to the RTX2060 and was wondering if that will enable playing at High/Ultra at 1080p, or if the CPU/limited ram will become too much of a bottleneck. I could see myself also upgrading the RAM, however, upgrading the CPU really isn't in the ballpark rn (financially).