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  1. Thankyou so much! I will definitely be on the lookout for new hardware releases but having An idea as to what I want my pc to be for example the ram module the aio the power supply(which is pretty easy but still) and mainly for the aesthetic of the build
  2. I will definitely want a balanced pc. Like I mention cpu intensive tasks like premier pro and photoshop and then you intensive tasks like playing games and such.
  3. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. My only concern is that the new releases might be more expensive. I might be completely wrong but I am huge mobile-phone tech nerd and it only goes up with any new model.
  4. To be honest, I can wait for around 2-3 months. But I start my new startup in December and I would need the pc for photoshop and basically everything adobe related would be done on the pc.
  5. I have a good gaming mouse with my laptop at the moment. And good headphones I.e the razer kraken. It would be great if I can get a good setup under 2k with the monitor and keyboard but I can always dish out a bit more for the monitor and the keyboard. And I am open to buy used parts as well.
  6. Hello everyone! Being a long time Linus tech tips subscriber/fanboy I am finally at a stage in my life where I can build my own pc. Nothing too crazy, just a gaming pc with some photoshop/premier pro capabilities. I am able to dish out around $2000 (Canadian) on the setup. And it shouldn’t be a surprise but I am a huge sucker for rgb! I remember watching the “The Super Clean gaming PC build”on the channel like 8-9 months ago. I am trying to build a similar kinda setup. Also, I am a huge weeb, so any suggestions on making my pc a bit more “anime-ish” would be great. Preferred cpu for me is an A