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  1. While being in the game it has 5-10 fps, but the I'm using the throttle-stop right now and everything works okay again, so I'm gonna use that small fix until I get a new motherboard from the remaining warranty
  2. So If I understand this correctly I need to have this program open at all time when I want to play games or am I doing something wrong?
  3. Yeah did the reset, but no changes while playing a game Is it possible that the cpu is dying? Because I still have a warranty for every part...
  4. Well I checked both, and it was on 100%, and set the bios back to normal so it was on 3.6ghz, and now I can't even boot up, or even get into the bios So idk did something die maybe? Fixed the crashing, by doing a cmos reset, I am gonna check if It maybe effected the games as well
  5. I did a reset on my bios setting, didn't solve the problem, so changed the setting back to what they were, but no changes what so ever to be seen in the task manager
  6. CPU I9-9900K GPU MSI RTX 2080 Super Gaming Trio PSU Corsair RM750X SSD Samsung m.2 1tb 960 MOBA MSI MEG z390 Ace RAM Corsair Vengeance pro rgb 2x8gb 3200mhz CPU COOLER Corsair H150i pro rgb OS Windows 10 PRO
  7. The temperature is under control, and as soon that I boot up let's say apex, the game starts lagging in the main menu, so auto drops to 0,79ghz
  8. I've never had this problem until 3 days ago. I've spent my whole 2 days searching for fixes and stuff that I could do to fix this problem. When I try to play games, like valorant or apex legends, it drops to 0.69ghz or 0.79ghz, but other games like CoD or Destiny 2, It loads at 4,69ghz max I'm using an I9-9900k @3,60 ghz but a standard boost by my MSI MEG Z390 motherboard. The power option are put on Ultimate Performance, the CPU temp is at 44 Celcius. I would appreciate every help that you might offer and hopefully it would solve my problem