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  1. I have a new laptop which works fine when you first connect it but, there is no sound on reconnection. I tried changing audio channel and default audio deivce. Updating bluetooth driver or windows security patches dont help either. I have even tried reinstalling the bluetooth driver.
  2. Consider a vivobook s14. I just got mine, it has ryzen 7 4700U, 8gb ddr4 + 512 gb nvme ssd. I really liked the buil quality ( all metal chassis and a glass trackpad). But I had a little trouble with Bluetooth audio, hence I am getting a replacement. Other than that it has worked flawlessly.
  3. Try Changing the outputting channel and Changing the default audio output device.
  4. Need a thin and light for college. Prefer amd. 512ssd, 8gb ddr4. Currently considering vivobook s14 (ryzen 5 4500U). I would like if it could manage light gaming.
  5. Initially the headset was not available as an output device, but then I set it as the default output device. Now it can be found the the list (the one in the photo you shared). But the problem persists. Even on selecting it as the output device.
  6. I just bought a new laptop and I am having trouble with the bluetooth. While on connecting my bluetooth headset the first time (after a restart) it functions as intended, however if I reconnect it or connect a different device there is no sound. Changing default outputting device doesn't help either. I tried updating and even reinstalling the driver, windows troubleshooting and updating the windows security patches but nothing works. Please help. Windows 10 64-bit Ryzen 5 4500U Bluetooth version 5.0