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  1. Thanks for the info. I do see lots of routers professionally installed in a vm. Yes they are normally seperated to be running the webfacing apps. F5 comes to mind.
  2. Never heard of proxmax, will have to read up on it. Didn't think hypervisor's normally allow nas shares directly, since the goal is to present local hardware to the local guests. Will have to read up on that. Yes I could get a cheap box for the router, was trying to downsize the number of PC's running in the house. (Have 4 + router + nas now)
  3. Overview of the project for home - Have a hypervisor setup running 2 vms VM 1 - pfsense to be main router VM 2 - NAS for backup of PC's/Server (Media/Pictures/Files) Suggestions as to hypervisor and nas software to run? Long story if your still reading I have a qnap t22 that I was given, which is end of support this year. I have a main server that I backup to the qnap, and to an external usb that I take to work with me as my offsite. I also currently have an old PC running pfsense. Since the qnap should be replaced as its EOL, and ge
  4. i would second this, if possible try to get a PC since it can be upgraded year over year.
  5. Well you can take a dive into learning to code. https://www.learnpython.org/ Python is an easier language to learn (there are easier ones) but pyhon can be very powerful.
  6. Suggested video: Can be a tech quickie Have each staff member show off a personal peice of tech that they own and are personally enthustiastic about. Learning about some of the non-pc related tech that each member likes would be interesting, and can open up new venues of videos based on what people comment they liked. Ie: Keyboards, cars maybe even something crazy like a kitchen scale.
  7. Yea techs don't really need av as much, however regualr users... If you worked in IT you still get about 1-5% of staff opening stupid attachements.
  8. The bios/psu suggestions are a good idea. I would also see about starting to turn off things you don't need to troubleshoot (audio, extra usb devices like printers etc) Then try out the system, if it stops then that device or the power level is the issue. Also try to see about trying just hte microsoft driver instead of the amd one. It may be slower, but might work better with a recent windows update. a long shot but is a simple thing to try.
  9. Well I did enter, and seeing these they look to be well done. Sad I didn't make the top ten, but good to lose to such great videos. Congrats people, and good luck on making it to the top three.
  10. I just noticed my submission had #ROGRigReboot2020 not #ROGRigReboot20 I fixed it in video description, should I resubmit or will my orgianl submission be ok?
  11. I was thinking about this type of caddy, just eats into my case budget. So will see if I can still get a decent case, and the caddy for the money or go with a case with the rom included.
  12. these are interesting options, as it does let me keep the rom inside, and I do like the bottom area for the PSU to remain seperate and keep the cables cleaner.
  13. Thanks for the info, I did take a look and these look great. Looks like the vote is to place the rom outside the case it looks like since the case designs don't leave space. Didn't know the options, so this is really helpful.
  14. You know what I didn't give enought details, good point. Budget - Sub $150 PSU - 650 watt (thermaltake, can't recall model right now, but under 3 years as I swapped out the old one) Fans - Sure RBG would be nice, not needed Same with a side window, but not critical to have Quiet is a huge plus Tower format
  15. Looking for a new case, since mine is pushing 10 years, and the fans are starting to die off. This PC is used for gaming, and my server to share files on the network. So its on 24/7 I have the following in the case if you want to guess thermals. asus B85M-E i5-4590 @3.3 amd RX 570 3 HDD (1 x 256 ssd, 1 x 4 TB, 1 x 6TB) and the reason for my question, 1 x Bluray burner. (Used to rip my Blu ray collection for in house streaming) So what cases can provide decent thermals (No rads needed at this time) while still having a spot for one rom?