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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from Tristerin in My version of Corsair's LT100 RGB towers. What do you guys think?   
    Thanks. This is my third PC but the first one I built myself so I wanted to go all out on the setup.
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from Tristerin in My version of Corsair's LT100 RGB towers. What do you guys think?   
    lol The same thing anything sparkly is for. It's fun to look at. Why do you think humans have lusted after gold since like forever ago? 
    I only have the most basic wood working tools and already had a sheet of acrylic. But I did consider wood. That would have been the next step if the acrylic didn't work out. I needed to do things like not only mount the channel but also run the wiring. An empty box is much easier to do that with than a block of wood.
    lol No, I said I didn't have that option to have it made for me. I said "but if I was able to have my own plastic housing made like they can." They can have things injection molded for specific products since they're making things to sell and already have the infrastructure and relationships with manufaturers. I don't know what that would cost me but I know it's more than I'd spend for these simple things.
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from Jurrunio in Quick how to I wrote to get fully backlit secondary key symbols for the Logitech G-815 and G-915.   
    The lack of backlit secondary key symbols always bothered me and quite a few other people. Especially considering that they're the current flagship keyboards and for 200 and 250 bucks they most certainly should have been lit like so many other Logitech keyboards are. It was almost a deal breaker for me in buying my G-815 since I'm a night owl. lol You'd think a giant 43 inch Acer CG7 monitor all of 2 feet in front of it would be enough to light the secondary symbols. But it only does if I put the keyboards legs in and lay it fully flat. I hate typing like that.
    Credit to the redditor np3jk for giving me the idea. https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/eh1ie5/g915_with_upgraded_keycaps/
    I wondered why Logitech hadn't made as big of a deal about their GL switches as they did their Romer-G switches. Now I see it's probably because they are just modified Kaihl low profile choc switches. So that means you're not stuck with just this set. https://kprepublic.com/products/kailh-low-profile-keycap-set-for-kailh-low-profile-swtich-abs-doubleshot-ultra-thin-keycap-for-low-profile-white-brown-red?_pos=1&_sid=84a043ccd&_ss=r
    You can also find a lot of keycaps cheap on aliexpress that will work like this mod. Even clear ones if that floats your boat. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32979973961.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.1000060.2.69076cfdrvEAmr&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreThisSeller&scm=1007.13339.169870.0&scm_id=1007.13339.169870.0&scm-url=1007.13339.169870.0&pvid=e8c23bea-0d1f-405f-ba79-ad7c8769209a&_t=gps-id:pcDetailBottomMoreThisSeller,scm-url:1007.13339.169870.0,pvid:e8c23bea-0d1f-405f-ba79-ad7c8769209a,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%2356_668%23808%233772%23628_668%23888%233325%2312_668%232846%238110%23356_668%232717%237561%23302_668%231000022185%231000066059%230_668%233468%2315614%23554
    Which answers the question of why Logitech doesn't sell replacement keycaps. There's no money in it unless you don't care about pissing off customers like some ebay seller can.
    Just finished mine and I'm really happy with how it turned out so I thought I 'd write up a simple how to and elaborate a bit on np3jk's post. Starting off with the pros and cons of this simple mod for all the TLDR types.
    Backlit secondary symbols.
    HyperX style of pudding keycaps. As much as they can be anyways while being low profile caps. Makes lighting modes look far better in my opinion.
    PRICE and yes that deserves capital letters. For only 15 bucks shipped you get the whole set. Most of which will fit. As opposed to having to buy from ebay where it costs between 5-8 bucks PER KEYCAP. I think it was around 50-60 bucks for the whole set. I couldn't confirm that since the listing is sold out for the entire key set. That being said they are actual Logitech G-815 and 915 keycaps.
    Relatively easy to do the mod.
    Keys are textured.
    Can't do the entire keyboard without heavy modding.
    Need the right tools to do it right and easy.
    Having to wait for them to be shipped from China.
    Number pad secondary symbols are not printed.
    The Kaihl keycaps are thinner and flatter than the Logitechs.
    They're also textured making them feel better and more robust to me than the stock keys.
    To start off with I recommend getting an actual key puller. Specifically this style. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HPC88HM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    Instead of the ring type or any other type that only grabs in 2 places. You could of course just use your fingers but you'll be much likelier to break a peg. But if you manage to break a peg using the one in the link lol you must be ham fisted. That one will grab at 4 corners and makes for a worry free disassembly.
    Secondly you're going to need a rotary tool like a dremel. I suppose you can sand by hand. You don't have to take much off. But it'll then be ten zillion times more tedious and you need to sand the posts to a 90 degree right angle to their base so they can sit flat and can't rock side to side.
    You don't want to use aggressive bits like these.
    Use something like this one.
    A digital caliper makes things go much smoother.
    As you can see you barely have to do any sanding.
    You don't have to make it as exact as the stock key measurement. You can be off a bit and it'll still fit. I started by laying the cap upside down and going vertically down the inside of each post. Then turned the cap on its side and used the flat end of the bit to square off the rounded part that is left behind. As well as sand off the little plus symbol in the middle.
    Once you make your first, test the fit. It shouldn't be able to rock side to side and will sit flat if sanded right. If it fits good lock down the caliper and then you don't even have to turn it on again. Just keep it there to check each key. You want to sand as little as possible. If you do it right the keycaps will be held on with tension since their outside pegs don't have the tab that the stock ones do. If you sand too much you might need to use a drop of something like rubber cement or something else that stays flexible. It's not that hard too glue them. I used a safety pin to draw out a tiny dab. But if you're not careful you can put too much and let it get into the switch. lol Ask me how I know... That's the good thing about rubber cement though. The same properties that made it fun to roll up and make fake boogers in gradeschool, made it easy to get out of the switch. I didn't actually have to glue any. I just did it anyways since I already had bought the glue in preparation for the mod.
    One down ten zillion to go.
    You won't be able to do the whole keyboard. Most can be modded to fit if you're creative. But they won't fit well. Especially ones with the extra tabs like these or ones with the thick plus symbol under the longer ones.
    So I decided not to mod those so the stock ones will still look symmetrical up the sides since some of the bottom row Kailh caps are wider than stock and won't fit unless you cut them down to size which would look bad.
    Like I said it's tedious. lol Reminded me of when I was back in high school metal shop and tried to make a chainmail shirt. Gave up after only making a 10x20 inch rectangle. I can see why np3jk only did his secondary symbol keys. But if you can stick with it, the two types of keys actually compliment each other well in my opinion. The stock keys sort of frame the pudding type. I'm happy with how it turned out and it makes the white and blue left to right wave animation mode I made look way better. My dinosaur of a phone doesn't do them justice.
    I hope this encourages anyone who wants to be able to have a fully lit keyboard to give this a shot. I highly recommend it. Even if you screw up you're not going to be out a lot of money.
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from FAZIN in Can any electricians or those with electrical knowlege answer this question?   
    Sorry that reading is hard for you. Don't worry, just practice. You'll get better.
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from DoctorNick in Can any electricians or those with electrical knowlege answer this question?   
    Sorry that reading is hard for you. Don't worry, just practice. You'll get better.
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from JuliusLXIX in Upgrade from 1070 to 3060ti   
    I admire your optimism. GL. You're going to need it. Myself I will be surprised if I manage to get a 3080 by summer. 
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from Electronics Wizardy in Can any electricians or those with electrical knowlege answer this question?   
    Sorry that reading is hard for you. Don't worry, just practice. You'll get better.
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from yamakasin in Impulse purchased a 3070, now regrets   
    lol Out of curiosity how exactly is it even possible to regret buying something you can turn around and resell for more than you paid for it? No, don't return it if you decide to get something else. Sell it. I'm not saying be one of the price gougers but there is nothing wrong with making at least some money. It's not like you set out to rip people off and it's not an automatic ripoff just to be above MSRP. Selling is easy on ebay and you'll be making yourself and someone else who just can't wait, happy. It's capitalism 101. That little thing that always gets a bad rep despite bringing more people out of poverty than all other economic systems combined.
    Edit: NM didn't see the last comment.
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from SpaceGhostC2C in 3080 with a flip up screen?   
    lol That's become the default answer now days. Bot this and bot that. When are people going to realize that it's a simple matter to count all the cards up for resale? And that's only a fraction of how many has been sold. Yes, bots have not helped. But no, bots is not why you or I haven't gotten one yet. Everyone and their mother wanting one at the same time is why we haven;t gotten one yet. The majority of stock going to prebuilders is why we haven't gotten one yet. Bots are only a piece of the puzzle but people are now treating them like the end all be all.
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    NadeMagnet69 reacted to Neamow in 3080 with a flip up screen?   
    Honestly, the shipping is not even that big of a deal as customs. Where I live, customs is 12% of the value of the product + shipping, and customs tax is 20% of the value of the product + shipping + customs... Yikes. Still less money than paying for a new GPU though.
    Alternatively, would have to convince the customs agents that the value of the product is 1$...
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from Wheresmehammer in RTX 2060 still good?   
    lol Right? I never understood the point of forum questions like these. Personally it wasn't worth it for me. Did I ask on a forum? No, I returned it and got a 2080. Which I then returned when I heard about the 3000 series. Now I'm stuck back with my GTX 660 until who knows when. But that's the way the ball bounces.
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from RAS_3885 in RTX 2060 still good?   
    lol Right? I never understood the point of forum questions like these. Personally it wasn't worth it for me. Did I ask on a forum? No, I returned it and got a 2080. Which I then returned when I heard about the 3000 series. Now I'm stuck back with my GTX 660 until who knows when. But that's the way the ball bounces.
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    NadeMagnet69 reacted to RAS_3885 in RTX 2060 still good?   
    If it meets your performance/resolution target, then yes, it's a good value for you. If it doesn't, then no, it's not..
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    NadeMagnet69 reacted to Coolmaster in Who makes the best thermal pads for M.2?   
    You actually want your SSDs to be warm, it helps their life span. 30-40 degrees are perfectly normal and fine for your SSD.
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from TVwazhere in NZXT USB Hub Question   
    To update this no luck in getting the NZXT to shut down when the PC sleeps or shuts off. I'm stuck with a no signal sign. I don't know if it's because the cable I'm using is connected to one of the female USB ports on the NZXT instead of one of the internal. Or if you simply can't turn it off at all since it's being powered by molex. The reason I got this one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002M8RVKA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    was to use the screens supplied 180 degree micro to USB adapter since I thought shutting it off would work.
    If you do get one of those screens do as Jay suggested and get one that shuts off on it's own. I went with a nicer ISP 5 inch. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08343QX67/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    which is actually the one he rejected because it wouldn't fit where he was mounting, but now I got that problem. Or you might have to get a long enough USB cable to reach your external ones which is what I'm going to try next. I know those external USB at least are easy to shut off from that link I gave you.
    Edit: I finally figured it out, for my setup at least. Had to do it in BIOS. The setting wasn't where the USB options were in BIOS BTW for at least my Asrock Z490 Taichi. It was in Advanced then Chipset Config and the setting was deep sleep. I had to set it to "enable in S4-S5."
    S5 power state is full shut down. S4 is hibernation. But you were asking about sleep. Sleep is S1-S3. My BIOS only gave me the option to disable, enable in S-4, and enable in S4-S5. So with S4-S5 enable my screen now shuts off when the PC is powered down. I tested after setting it to sleep and the screen still stays on.... lol So sorry I can't help answer your question better. But at least I figured out how to get my screen off.
    I don't/can't use sleep mode anyways. My Logitech G700s mouse looses all DPI settings and defaults to something really low after waking from sleep which makes me have the physically scroll like mad just to make it around my 43 inch screen to restart the PC to fix it. It's either a bug from my Logitech gaming software. Or from G-Hub, or because sigh..... I have to run both at the same time since I also have a G-815 keyboard and Logitech refuses to make G-Hub backwards compatible with older devices that use LGS. Many people have problems getting both to work right together.
    Now all I left to do is make a housing out of some spare acrylic I had from my last PC's DIY project so I can hide the screens screw tabs and cable. And finalize it in Aida64. Which isn't fully free in that it doesn't still work after 30 days BTW. Jay left that little tidbit out of the vid. I may or may not have found some keys online... lol I'm not paying for a simple hardware monitor. I'd only buy it if I was using the full functions like for a business.

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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from PeachGr in How to run multiple refresh rates on 2 displays   
    Yep. It's the GPU. Which makes sense I guess. Back when it came out, 4k at higher than 60hz was probably still a dream. Did they even high refresh monitors then? If they did I bet they were super expensive.
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    NadeMagnet69 reacted to TqLxQuanZ in RTX 3070 or RX 6800/RX 6700XT?   
    In Malaysia, there aren't problem with the stocks because you can only grab the graphic card by having a full build request from them, so there are still stocks available for full build but probably out of stock for the single part purchase. (I asked the retailers as well, they confirmed there are available stocks around for full build.) AMD should have the same as well based on what they did for 3070/3080/3090 stocks in here.
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from Louie Friesen in NZXT USB Hub Question   
    I was looking into it and in device manager you can set your USB port that the NZXT plugs into to shut off when the PC sleeps. This article is showing how to do the opposite but you can use it to see how to check what your widows is currently set at.  https://www.pcworld.com/article/3045567/how-to-keep-charging-your-usb-devices-past-your-pcs-bedtime.html
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    NadeMagnet69 reacted to thrasher_565 in NZXT USB Hub Question   
    heres a powered one maybe that will help?
    another one
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    NadeMagnet69 reacted to kelvinhall05 in Modding a Keyboard   
    Wouldn't be expensive, just not worth it, especially if you don't already have desoldering equipment.
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    NadeMagnet69 reacted to Mick Naughty in How do you power long RGB strips (4 pin) with a PC?   
    Get a powered hub. Check it’s rating I guess. 
    I have a meter in my rig, I’m sure it could handle 2. Think I’m using the cable mod kit and some add on strips. 
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    NadeMagnet69 reacted to Skiiwee29 in Will the Phanteks Sleeved Cable Extensions work for Corsair RM850i PSU on a ROG Strix 3080 OC?   
    I have Cable mod extensions in my system for the aesthetics. Don't let a single bad review limit you. Phanteks is a reputable company so I would trust there products personally. 
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    NadeMagnet69 got a reaction from narrdarr in My Anidees AI Crystal XL Pro case review   
    There is all of 1 youtube vid out there reviewing this case and I couldn't find any text reviews. So I thought I'd add mine.
    This is a full tower from Anidees. And when I say full I mean you'll have to do a bit of searching to find any bigger. This is a heavy beast weighing in at 44 pounds before even building. But that also means it can fit just about every motherboard type invented, will have room for loads of custom water cooling setups, and will just about be future proof. Outside of really custom setups, or multiple PC in a single case, if you can think of it, it should fit in this case.
    It comes with 5 Anidees AI-Tesseract Duo fans. 4 front, 1 rear, preinstalled. The fan hub to control them, and 2 addressable 15 LED strips. 2 different front panels, 1 tempered glass and 1 mesh. It's well built with lots of customizable options. This is all info you can find on their site so lets move on to the unboxing.
    It was well packaged. The outside of the box suffered some damage in shipping but nothing serious happened to the case. That being said the front glass panel was placed on the outside top of the foam. Tempered glass is fairly strong, but I still would have like to see foam between it and the outside of the box.

    What comes with the case. Not shown is the 2 LED strips.

    The LED strips have standard JST-SM connectors like Phantek uses. This is one plugged into a Phantek fan frame.

    However to use them with the Anidees fan hub you need to use the supplied cables than run from JST-SM to a smaller 3 pin connector.

    The top, bottom, both side panels, and the front panel, all have dust filters. The top and side filters stick on with magnetic strips. Shown is the front panel filter.

    The mesh front panel is decent looking.

    But since it still has plenty of airflow options I'm going with the glass front.

    Unlike my Corsair 750D which had individual front panel wires. These come in a nice ribbon cable.

    The front panel has standard headphone and mic. 4 USB 3.0 headers. LED lit power and reset button. The 2 internal USB 3.0 connectors also has USB 2.0 connectors pigtailed off them for those motherboards without enough USB 3.0 headers which I thought was a nice touch.

    The PSU shroud has decent enough airflow under the bottom radiator bracket.

    But since I wanted to run a cable grommet through it. lol Like spice, the air must flow. So I went to town with a drill after cutting out the hole for the grommet.

    Time to build

    Time to cable manage. Good lord where to begin.

    Finished more or less. The panel closes easily anyways. I may or may not have cried a bit during the process...
    lol In my opinion managing cables is the hardest part of a PC build when you're not making a simple system and want to run things with Corsair's ICUE and lots of RGB.

    The Anidees fans are decent looking. 9 different modes. Each different mode running through all the major colors for a total I didn't bother to count. Suffice to say it's a lot.

    However a deal breaker for me is that the Anidees fan hub PMW won't work with my motherboard for some reason.  So with the rear fan I was always planning on replacing. I yanked the front 4 too for Noctua Redux 1700. With fan frames also so it'll look better being the same as the others anyways. The unlit LED strips are still waiting for Corsair adapter cables.

    Huge, with room for numerous builds if that's what you want.
    Tempered glass. Not acrylic that scratches if you look at it wrong like my Corsair 750D.
    Well built modular design. Most internals are held with screws, not rivets, letting you easily remove things like PSU shroud, side fan cages, and HD cages.
    Large amount of radiator and fan options.
    First and foremost price. This is definitely one of the more expensive cases.
    Huge, if that's NOT what you want.
    Fan hub comes with PWM but it may not work with your motherboard.
    Fans have a non western standard 5pin connector.
    Would have liked to see at least half an inch more room for cable management. I could have routed tons of it down the back side panel fan spots but I wanted to keep it open for airflow.
    The 4 cable grommets are extremely shallow on the part that goes around the hole so they don't stay in place well. I thought they had left one out when unboxing but it just came loose in shipping. Was a huge unneeded hassle to fit them back in place after running cables through them.
    My build:
    I7 10700K
    Asrock Z490 Taichi
    2x16GB Crucial Ballistix 3600
    2TB Adata M.2
    1TB Samsung 970 Evo
    Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card
    GTX 660 GPU..... Sigh....... Was suppose to be a 3080 by now.
    Corsair RM850X PSU
    6 Noctua 140mm Chromax fans
    8 Noctua 120mm Redux 1700 fans
    2 Noctua 120mm Redux 1200 fans
    Arctic Liquid Freezer 2 240
    All controlled with Corsair ICUE
    3 Lighting node pros
    1 Commander pro
    5V 3pin Aura type powered splitter box
    RGB Acrylic GPU brace
    Thermaltake Pacific R1 RAM cover
    4 Phantek neon LED strips
    6 Airgoo neon LED strips
    1 Infinity mirror
    9 Phantek fan frames
    Cablemod pro cables extensions
    Akasa USB 3.0 extension cables
    3 4 way fan splitters
    2 Noctua 2 way fan splitters
    4 Noctua 4 pin fan extension cables
    And 1 partridge in a pear tree...
    So that's my review. Hope this helps anyone interested in Anidees. I'm happy with this case. I don't see myself ever having to buy another case.
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    NadeMagnet69 reacted to Spotty in 2080ti is exactly the same as 3070   
    You're disappointed that the newly released mid range XX70 card which costs $500 performs the same as the last generation flagship XX80 Ti card which cost $1200?
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    NadeMagnet69 reacted to Mateyyy in 3000 Series - Moore's Law is Dead