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  1. I imagine this has been asked a thousand times over but I've found an old 4tb SAS hard drive and I'm wondering if there's any way of adapting it to work with a sata connection on my mobo? Try to save myself some $ by not having to fork out for a new big capacity hdd
  2. What's the TV tuner part of it for?
  3. Am I able to watch TV through my pc with it?
  4. I've come across an old ati all in wonder, what's this for? Apparently it's a TV tuner and a gpu?
  5. I've also found an E5410, would this work as well?
  6. So I've been clearing out old server stuff at work, and I came across an Intel Xeon E5440 and it looks to be in almost new condition, I'm wondering what compatibile boards are out there, I'm assuming they'd be nothing too pricey due to being outdated hardware?
  7. so i'm intersted in buying a Xeon X5675 and i'm looking at motherbaords, what's a good mobo that's not wayyyyy too pricey? and will i need to use ECC ram?
  8. Okay so, I've recently purchased a Xeon 1220v2, and it is ivy Bridge, and my current cpu ( i3 2120) is sandy bridge, will an update to my bios on my motherboard (intel DQ67OW) make the Xeon work with it? Or am I going to have to buy a new board?
  9. Intel DQ67OW supports sandy bridge, as is my i3 2120, and the Xeon v2 is Ivy bridge, will a firmware update solve this?
  10. Where'd I go to update my bios? Intel website says the downloads are unavailable since November 2019
  11. So I've recently upgraded my Core i3 2120 with a Xeon E3-1220 v2, and I'm getting no post or boot. I've tried several different GPUs and still no ball. My mobo beeps as it usually does when it working, so idk what's up
  12. Okay so I'm running a intel dq670w motherboard with 16gb of DDR3, I3 2120 and a gtx 650 and I'm after a cpu upgrade because my current cpu struggles in premiere Pro and photoshop and I'm looking at some older Xeon cpus and they're physically compatible but are they electronically compatible with my setup? Will I need Ecc ram?
  13. so my pc isn't anything high end and my cpu is an amd a4 pro 7300b which according to every source i can find, is a dual core processor but in task manager, it says it only has a single core which is a bit worrying. Any clue whats happending here?
  14. I haven't bought one yet, I'm after speed around 150-250 mbps. what wireless card would you recommned?
  15. So, know that a wired ethernet connection is faster than wireless connection, but my pc is in a position where I cannot run an Ethernet cable from my router to it so if i plugged a WIFI booster into the wall and used the ethernet port on that to connect my pc to internet, would that be faster than a wirless connection or the same and how would it compare to a router based wired connection?