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  1. Well LG will send CX 48 to Canada finally in november. I just pre-order one. Thanks all for the suggestion. All the comments and the reviews I have watch confirm what you guys told me. Now if only I can find a RTX 3090!! Thanks wawa
  2. That was a very good option, but.. it is cancel in Canada Not a lot of option so far. Only Asus ROG PG43UQ
  3. i9 10900k is it realy needed since I'm only gaming. No video editing and rarely CAD. i7-10700k should be fine?
  4. Monitor is about a meter away from me. So right now I'm always pulling it closer. That is why I want it bigger. And yes Right now its 1440p ultrawide, so 4k standard wont be much more pixel, except I want higher frame rate.
  5. I use a mouse pad. Just took it off for picture
  6. Hello all With the upcoming of RTX 3000 series, I will update my 1080ti as soon as the 3080ti is available. With that I want to upgrade my monitor too. Right now I have a ultrawide asus rog 37in 100hz. I want to go 4k, 144hz or more and it need to be big, like 40inches or more because I have a hugh desk computer and the 37in ultrawide is small on the desk (see pic). I also have a I7-7700k oc at 5ghz. I may need to upgrade too, Will do if needed. What are your suggestion? Anything under 2000$ canadian? Thanks wawa