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  1. My house is so cold in the winter. I need some mini low watt heater to lightly blow air over my keyboard/fingers that wont cost a ton to run and wont be strong enough to burn your fingers.


    id use gloves but then dexterity is bad and gloves + keyboard = mess

    1. WereCatf


      How about buying a couple of USB-powered hand-warmers and slapping them on your desk or under the keyboard? On the desk, where your wrist would be, would warm your hands up or under the keyboard they'd warm the keyboard up.



      I have two for a different purpose, but they work fine.

  2. ive been DCAing for 4 years now! my average cost is super low. Ive been in the game for a while now lol. as I had to say to the last guy. But thank you for thinking you know all my guy! I appreciate the kindness! Also if you are buying to sell you are doing bitcoin wrong. I plan to hold until 1 BTC = 1 BTC or so my kids can have BTC and see that day or their kids and so on. IF you buy with the intenet to sell soon you are also doing it wrong. Take profits along the way but Id never sell all my coin and id never not buy coin. The price could be 500K and id still be buyi
  3. ive been DCAing for 4 years now! my average cost is super low. Ive been in the game for a while now lol,
  4. Is this just my GPU needing to be upgraded or what? I have a RX 580. My 3080 is waiting on RMA. when I play DBD that's all I really have been playing but in any modern game I assume Twitch streams will freeze up or be like 1 frame every 5 minutes. I tested it with YouTube and YouTube runs fine. I have use hardware acceleration on if that matters. I have changed game settings down and twitch stream to 480p and I still get it. Though I only put the game from ultra to high.
  5. are you sure? I read that soldering temps are too low to vaporize the lead it just melts it. What I read said its hard to vaporize an alloy. The flux melts / boils at a lower temp then the solder and some flux vaporizes causing fumes. but the lead its self does not turn into vapor so you are not breathing in lead fumes. From what I read the harm in the lead is not washing your hands or work area after and touching stuff / yourself / food / other people spreading some lead. I mean I understand that its not good or safe to breath in any fumes and I don't plan it but from all I r
  6. Ebay is strange. I find handheld consoles for parts only listed close to the cost of working consoles. like $20 less so by the time you buy parts to fix you you have spent the same or more + time, Unless you buy a huge lot and thats not super easy to come by.


    Also I see people bid on for part items like a 3ds and bid up to $70-$100 I even saw one go for $120. Why does that happen when you can buy a working 3ds NOT XL for $60 - $100.


    Is it just people who are so determined to win they don't even care about the price anymore?




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    2. dizmo


      It has a lot to do with people's desire to win, and convenience. Electronics have always been a particularly bad bargain on eBay, unless you're willing to hunt a lot and go through quite a few auctions before you finally get a good deal. The 3DS example you gave kind of makes sense though. If it's the same price, but it gets shipped to your door, that's saving the buyer the hassle of meeting up with a seller, plus you have the convenience of having support should something be wrong with it; a lot of people won't test something in person, as they get nervous, and even when they do they can miss things.

    3. Potatocell


      I never thought of it being the buyer bidding it up, Now that is some sneaky stuff.


      I was lucky to win a lot for three ds lites for parts and I paid $29 total after tax + shipping. only $17.50 for the consoles alone.


      Funny thing was the auction was from a person only like 40 min away and it had no other bidders. So Im assuming I saw it due to my location as I saw other DS lites just a single unit that is for parts being bid to $30-$40+ and no one bid on this lot I found. when I won and saw where it was shipped from it was funny to me.


      I am just testing the waters so I don't to be spening big money on broken stuff just for me to build up my skills.

      Id rather won on the deceives VS getting some boards and making circuts as idc about that I just want to fix stuff lol.

    4. dizmo


      People bidding on their own auctions really isn't that common, and for the small amounts you were looking at the risk really doesn't make sense.


      eBay can be odd, sometimes you'll see things go through ridiculously cheap. Two of my greatest snags were 3 basically new 800GB Intel SSDs for $300 (back when prices were high, too; kept one, sold the other two for $550 each), and a lot of 40 Lenovo pull 256GB SSDs for $375, which I made $1,600 on. Often it can be because of the users feedback, mistakes in their listings, etc.

  7. From what I read the lead does not burn just melt so the vaopors that come off should just be from the flux or something not the lead so the fumes are the same either you use right? as long as they both have the same make up -lead. Just need to wash up after handling it. tbh im not too keen on lead solder and maybe If I only ever use lead free it will be all I know and thus the flow of it ill get used to how to use it rather. That being said is lead free cheaper, the same price or more expensive?
  8. I now own 4 ps2's, 3 slims and 1 fat.




    1. ragnarok0273


      I have a PS2 fat.

      My dad had a PS1 but it got accidentally thrown away.

    2. Potatocell


      Good thing the ps2 can play ps1 games. Otherwise I wouild have gotten a ps1 as well lol.

      I am going to mod them well atleast 1 of them. I also but a aluminum 24" PS2 sign from ebay im going to hang up.

      The guy who sells it makes a ton of signs. If this one is good ill buy the ps1 and gamecube sign.

  9. If you want you can find a prebuilt with the GPU and buy that then sell the parts to make money back. The prebuilds seem to be in stock more/longer than the card alone. I had a gaming buddy he told me he did that to get his 3090
  10. thats the thing you just need to wait. I got mine from micro center, I was in the store right as they opened and I asked an empoyee if they had any in the back and he said they did and where going to put them out soon, legit a lined formed behind me after people around heard him talking. so they went to the back and handed us in the line the cards lol They only had like 10 or so. So pretty much you need to be lucky. and how I killed the card was the fans stopped working and they RMA was taking so long and going no where I said fuck it and used the card for as long as I could and it
  11. You wait until you can find one in stock. You can't be faster than a bot. If that was possible people would not use bots. ive been waiting for a 3080 since release. I did get a 3080 but I killed it so I need another, My warranty claim seems to be stuck in limbo
  12. Is talking about modding consoles against the rules? Like home brew type mods. Not getting roms or anything.


    or things like hardware mods on consoles.

    (old consoles without real online gaming capabilities, gamecube, ps2, gameboy etc..)


    I know things like case or LED mods would be fine but software related id assume is off limited. I know roms are illegal but I didn't think adding a mod chip is technically illegal but it may be.

    1. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2

      From my understanding, it's not against the rules. Only things that have to do with piracy are.