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    i play celeste sometimes


  • CPU
    i7 4790k -- OC'd to 4.8 GHz
  • Motherboard
    ROG Maximus 7 Hero
  • RAM
    HyperX Fury 2x8gb + HyperX something i dont remember 2x4gb
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 980
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R4
  • Storage
    Sabrent Rocket Q - 1 TB
    Plus 8 tb of spinning metal and a server made out of old spinning metal that totals to 1 tb
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova of some sort; 1,000 W
  • Display(s)
    Dell P2714T, plus two randoms and a TV that add up to 4x1080
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i
  • Keyboard
    Cooler Master QuickFire TK, working on a southpaw75 with Box Navy's
  • Mouse
    OG g502 proteus core, yeah it's a brick but it's the best brick
  • Sound
    Harmon-Kardon soundsticks 2 that are off-balance but were like $50
    Logitech g430
  • Operating System
    Manjaro most of the time
    Windows 10 when using adobe or gaming
  • Laptop
    Surface Pro 4
  • Phone
    iPhone TEN

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  1. A lot of people seem to think that WD is more reliable than Seagate and I still don't really get why. All of my main spinning metal has lasted for years and its all Seagate. Maybe its just that Seagate has lower yields/more defects or something, idk. but yeah all 12 TB of Seagate HDD's that I own/use have been totally fine
  2. I edit off of an NVME and it definitely does help. My NVME isn't much faster than my old SATA SSD because of my motherboard (curse you, maximus 7 hero!!) but if you get full bandwidth it will definitely help. I recently opened up one of my old projects that's on spinning metal and my NVME is many magnitudes faster.
  3. What you could do is set up a home file server running Linux or something and then also run a VPN server from it. That way SMB isn't opened up to the internet and also when connected to your home VPN you could access everything on your network
  4. This would be SO cool to see in action but I predict that you'll be held back by USB controller speed. If you were to legitimately deploy this then definitely go for a raid format that lets you rebuild data.
  5. One thing I can add is that you might want to set up 2 steam library folders so its easier to move games between them, or do what I do with my 1 TB NVME and partition off like 250 GB so you know your games installed will never go over that amount. Personally I have Game Pass which has large games and I also use a lot of storage with videos so most of the games I don't play the most or the just generally massive games go on spinning metal.
  6. Looks alright to me. If you can hold it in with tape you can hold it in with even 1 screw Edit: I also just noticed that it has 'SSD' engraved in those mounting holes. So yeah definitely fine
  7. I just turn mine off. boot times are fast enough. Plus also I dual-boot so it makes it easier for me to quickly jump into a different OS.
  8. If you want a specific example,, my system which I bought in 2014 is still going today. It's current specs are more than enough (I believe) for running the latest games at 1080p 60, although maybe not max settings for everything anymore. I've added some upgrades like a faster, larger SSD and more ram, but really that was for video editing.
  9. Hopefully if Apple does take over the CPU/GPU market the US. Gov will force them to break apart / sell chips to others so we can all reap the benefits
  10. Hey LTT! I'm trying to set my EdgeRouter X to segregate my network to the following: I have two WAN's: a 25 Mbps DHCP connection and a 1.5 Mbps PPPoE connection (I know it's really old, we're in the middle of nowhere) We're trying to set the router up so that all devices on it get the slower connection other than a few 'promoted' devices which get both the 25 and 1.5 lines with load balancing (25 has only 1.5 Mbps upload and 1.5 has 0.5 upload so we're trying to obtain more overall upload bandwidth), with failovers when one connection fails. Currently I have the following s
  11. That's awesome! I'll add the links you posted there to my notes. It's funny that two people made a post about similar issues on the same day I'll make sure to check the thread out and see how it works for them! That doesn't seem too difficult! I'll be sure to give that a try once the Edgerouter arrives.
  12. Hey guys! Figure I'd update this thread. I've talked with the family and I think what we're going to do is check out an Edgerouter X, and change settings around on our current D-Link DIR-855L (which provides decent Wi-Fi perfomance given our 25 Mbps connection) so that it functions as an access point. If the D-Link router/ap doesn't work then we can upgrade and grab an AC-LITE AP. We have a seperate ISP which most of the Wi-Fi/IoT devices are connected to, so really we're only looking at 2 LAN clients and few WiFi devices connecting to the network the Edgerouter will be on. Just to confir
  13. Any suggestions to get me on the right track? I've heard a lot of praise for Ubiquity hardware in a few LTT videos
  14. Not really sure yet. I just wanna grab what I know will work for sure.