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  1. How do you install it? Putting a B450 Tomahawk Max in a 4000D AF. Got some tabs.
  2. Ok, just took it all apart last night, and there is no CR2032 battery. It's probably one of the regular capacitors or something like that, because i had it disconnected for at least 7-8 hours and it did pop up with that error it always does when it's been off for a while. "CMOS checksum invalid - press enter to reboot and reset it." or something like that, and i always restart it and it just goes back to normal.
  3. Thanks, forgot about this...........dont know how.
  4. How come you have to put in a usb stick in first and it has to be on that stick first thing? Then you boot from that, if I'm right. Please confirm/deny.
  5. ok yeah i wondered about that
  6. I prefer not to since that usually shaves off a couple hundred bucks or so.
  7. I was originally going to go with a 3400G but then I heard about a 4650G, and found that It is compatible with B550. Is it also compatible with B450? I have everything except the CPU and GPU.
  8. No way. No freaking way you 500 grand for mowing lawns.
  9. Samsung?? Are they grammar cops or something?
  10. Got it solved now, just contacted Corsair support about it.
  11. I thought so but I don't think I got any with my case either though...