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  1. Hey,so anyone knows what that font is? I tried what the font but it found only non-web fonts it has to be a web font because it has to be used in html and javascript,so any ideas? I mean the JS letters the other one is Tahoma.
  2. yeah you are both correct float works,thanks!
  3. Hey,just wondering if something(some block element) is on the left side of the page and I want to move it to the right is there a better way than margin:1400px for example because that seems kinda janky I don't know,is there something that I can say align to the right side of the page and it instantly goes there without having to move thousands of pixels?
  4. ..... <figure id="meter"> <label>Profile completed 60%</label> <meter value="60" min="0" max="100"></meter> </figure> </main> </div>.......
  5. So I want my meter in Chrome to look like this(the mac one): however I found a tutorial but this just gives me a blank meter(the outline matches but it's blank even though it has a value) ,so how do I do it? meter{ position: relative; bottom: 148px; right: 165px; width: 138px; height: 35px; -webkit-appearance: none; border: 1px solid #ccc; border-radius: 3px; } meter::-webkit-meter-bar { background: none; background-color: whiteSmoke; box-shadow: 0 5px 5px -5px #333 inset; } meter::-webkit-meter-optimum-value { box-shadow: 0 5px 5px -5px #999 inset; ba
  6. Ah so maybe my teacher has a narrower monitor or he took the picture form a phone or tablet? Well in that case I can send it as it is
  7. Hey is there a way to resize my whole HTML page? I need to do it for a homework and the homework assignment says it has to be 100% accurate like this one? But then this is smaller than the size of the html page in the browser,here is how the full page looks like So this is my best attempt: However this doesn't shrink the background(I used margins and messed with the width property of the body). How can I shrink the background and is it possible to make it look like the image because if I shrink the background it squishes because of the aspect ratio,my background is 40
  8. well yeah I will mark it as solved. It works now I just had to reposition everything because once it went inside the box everything was all over the place but with some positioning I fixed it
  9. Hey I want to edit my image alpha on this image(the background's alpha) I want to set the alpha of this image's background to 90% so it blends in with another image' background which alpha is also 90% and I want to put this image on the other image on my website(and the pint is the checkmark's background should be invisible and blend in with the other one,so this is the checkmark and the other image which I want the checkmark's background to match. If I cut it with photoshop as you can see down the pixels are rough and visible and I don't want that I want it to be smooth
  10. hmm well with me the bullet or checkmark wasn't in the hover only the text,weird. I solved it by putting the checkmark inside the box like list-style-position:inside and then it worked Can you show me how you do it without using that since that was kinda hacky and I want to know if there is an easier way,can you also show me an illustration of how it works for you? There is no point of me showing you since I already solved it but if you could show me that would be great.
  11. Hey,so I couldn't find a solution for this. How do you hover over a list item that has a custom image in front of it(list-style-image) but you hover over not only the text but the whole list item together with the image. Like if you have bullets or checkmarks when you hover it hovers not only over the text but also over the checkmarks over the hole list item. nav li:hover{ background: rgba(255,0,0,255); /*margin: 10px;* this hovers only over the text of the list item/
  12. nvmind fixed it with cmd diskpart clear readonly
  13. Hey,so I was using Disk Drill to recover some files from my drive and after that I can´t write to it it says it has write protection to it. WTF? What has disk drill done and how do I fix it? It's a removable usb HDD