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  1. Bought a case yesterday and once I was almost done setting it up, I realized there were no I/O connectors. The only one was “power sw”. But are pc cases supposed to come with all the connectors?
  2. Hey thanks for helping, after some research I found out. By research I mean sticking it in into what seemed to be the right port which it was.
  3. When opening the back panel of the case, multiple wires coming from the power button. I got the other wires set up but don’t know where to put this one. Anyone know where?
  4. Anyone know why this is going on? Whenever I start my pc and go to google this happens. Most of the time I'm able to access things but other times not. I can't open YouTube for example or search anything up. I then have to restart my pc and boom it works.
  5. I mean its never really happened before and was wondering what I could do to make my GPU higher than my cpu
  6. Overall, I've noticed that my CPU is being utilized more than my GPU.
  7. My GPU graphics are at high, I was thinking of unplugging it and plugging it back
  8. my settings/resolutions are on high.
  9. So I've noticed that my cpu ussage is higher than my gpu. I'm pretty sure its bottlenecking. My specs are- Motherboard- Asus prime z390-a GPU- rtx 2060 super CPU- intel i7-8700k
  10. Cpu: i7-8700k Motherboard: Asus prime z390-A Gpu: Rtx 2060 super Memory: 2 3200 mhz 16gb of ram
  11. So ive been getting like 10 fps on cold war or low fps on any game idk why which its never happened. Im looking at my cpu usage and gpu and my cpu os around 40-70% and my gpu is around 8-20. I have no clue why its like that. help pls