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  1. Hi guys, anyone know if i can overclock this monitor aoc g2460pf? i would like to get more frames on black desert(game uses vsync)..
  2. for real? spikes like that? my watercooler fans going up and down all the time really bothers me
  3. hi guys, so recently i've reapplied thermal paste and reseated the aio but im getting crazy temps while using web only and discord... i have a i7 9700k OC'D TO 5GHZ 1.30v idle temps are like 32-35c.. but when i use mozzila or any other program the temps goes up 56c spike only using the web (watching twitch) can i do something about it?
  4. hi guys, i need ur help with the memory timings.. wich memory timing i can lower to make it a bit better?
  5. Hi guys, so atm i have some issues with my sapphire pulse... i don't know if its a driver issue or something but when i try to unlock my FPS for example at black desert online even with 350+ fps the game feels laggy (i have a 144hz monitor) like not smooth at all and also stutters aswell.. to unlock fps i need to use enhanced sync from amd and that causes me a bunch of problems... anyone else have the same problems using enhanced sync from amd? my pc specs: i7 9700k 5ghz rx 5700 xt sapphire pulse 16gb 3600mhz ssd 240gb
  6. Hi guys, so i've set my vcore to 1.34 with llc high at bios running 5ghz...(i have a z390m gaming gigabyte) and when i check hwinfo64 my vcore spikes up from 1.35 to 1.38-39 even to 1.40 could be a bug or something? and my vr vout stay around 1.32-1.29v what should i do?
  7. my memory is oc'd to 3600 .. the default is 3200 16-18-18-38 with 1.35 im running my 3600 with 1.4v
  8. Hi guys, so wich times i can decrease or change to make timings less lose
  9. also 1 more thing brother... to update my gigabyte bios i need like to go from f5 to f6 till i hit f8 bios? or i can just update it from f5 to f8
  10. What values (VCCIO and VCCSA) are good starting points for a 3600MHz CAS16 stick? i'm running 2 T-force vulcan 3200 cl 16 oc'd to 3600 (16-19-19-38 1.4v) with a i7 9700k 5ghz i'm trying to get it stable .. i appreciate any help
  11. yes.. yesterday i updated my bios from f7 to f9g and messed up with my overclock stability.. i was running 5GHZ with 1.315v with llc high but with f9g version crashed at intel burn test so i dont know u have any program for me to test my system stability? i also overclocked my ram to 3600 with with 1.45v hynix cjr i just want to make sure all my system is stable