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  1. i want to add a ssd to my old pc but i need to make my hdd fast too so i want to use my ssd as a cache for my hdd how can i do that?
  2. I saw my dad's old pc from june 2000 Pentium iii 733mhz and other sound card and other expansion cards 256mb RAM with 2 notches its an HP pavilion 8639 no information on google photos are at link down - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_QFYN2poqC6P0wQ3cgwcZSyus8yb8xHs?usp=sharing
  3. my game like gta 5 and world war z are always choppy my pc can handle them but my Wd500gb Hdd can't it stays always at 100% .Not on idle but only when game is running "System" task uses the disk more than the game and my CPU and GPU stay at idle and the pc gets choked by "System" task in task manager