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    insane gardener david#6493

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    anything technology related, also partial hoarding when possible
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    im probably a nerd
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    Intel i5 661 3,33Ghz
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    Asus P7H55
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    HyperX [whatever] 8gb DDR3 1333mhz
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    1GB Gainward GeForce 550Ti
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    Logic 38 Case
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    500gb old Seagate Barracuda
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    500W Logic [something, assuming it came with the case]
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    too lazy to mention
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    Stock Intel Cooler
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    Windows 10 Home
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    Samsung A50

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  1. ok, here are my preferences: i also have around 1000€ to spend and im in germany -not interested in a laptop -no dell's, i want a pc, not warranties -preferably a ryzen cpu but intel can be used as a last resort, also ryzen 5/intel core i5 -atleast 6c/6t or 6c/12t -no or atleast minimal rgb lights, i still want a pc, not a christmas tree -atleast 6gb vram -atleast 16gb ram and 2666mhz clock speed, but im looking for 3200mhz -a 256gb/512gb m.2 ssd and 2tb hdd should be enough for now
  2. Budget (including currency): around 1000€ but i plan to spend atleast 800€ Country: Germany Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: no idea what games yet but something to let me run most games at 1080p med and at 60fps Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): looking for a ryzen 3/5 build (3rd gen please, i want to see if the builds you guys suggest fit me first, also they sold out on day one on the site im buying
  3. just pick whatever floats your boat
  4. best bet would to get either a samsung 970 or a crucial p1, both decent SSDs. the p1 is slightly slower than the samsung 970, but generally less costy. if you have the same amount of braincells as me: (no offense) choose p1 if you dont want to spend alot for an SSD but get decent quality. choose 970 if you want speed and and quality but at a higher cost. the pro variant of the 970 is ok too, just costs slightly more.
  5. updated bio for whoever cares, also 50 posts too

  6. honestly, i dont know that much about computers (may study informatics, dont know if you care about that though) but im sure theres not a big difference. this mostly depends on what your son plans to play (depends on if hes comfortable with asking or not) but according to a benchmark i found, the 1080ti is better in many cases. dont expect to have ray-tracing with the 1080ti though, but not many games use it as of the moment so its optional. then again, the 1080ti will probably be harder and more expensive to buy, but this depends once again on your son on whichever card
  7. check what the maximum vram capacity for your mobo is on the pc you have problems, could be that your mobo just cant handle 8gb vram, unless this is the first time you got a problem on the pc you use it in.
  8. best bet would to get either a ryzen 5 or 7, or an intel, depends on you and what games/stuff you want to do
  9. can understand that since graphics cards werent so powerhungry as they were back then.
  10. are there also any retro-looking cases that have good airflow other than what you mentioned? mainly out of curiosity also because i just like the look, just gimme something from the 2000s-early 2010s era https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Cooler-Master-Force-500-Midi-Tower-ohne-Netzteil-schwarz_838875.html example
  11. could go for a 3600 or what fasauceome mentioned
  12. any other good cases? also buying stuff off mindfactory so yeah, apprieciate if you look there as not every case is on there that you mentioned also what about cases with tempered glass or acrylic?