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  1. Oof... Was hoping it would... Guess I'll read on the pi thing now... Thanks...
  2. My router has no USB port... Is there a way to connect my external drive to router? Is it even usable? (Thinking if it doesn't have a usb port it doesn't support drives at all?) Also can I just use one of these? (Pic attached)
  3. I actually haven't checked... I was just testing it earlier and the PC was idle when I got those speeds... Will check tomorrow (in a few hours) haven't slept yet and it's already 5am xd
  4. Hi guys... I don't know much if any about networking... All I know is that I want to access files from the family PC from my Android phone (only 1 PC in the house and I want to watch my movies from my phone while my brother is using it) I did achieve it by using windows' folder sharing thingy... Now the problem is I'm only getting 4-8 MB/s transfer speed... I would like it to be faster... What should I do? Upgrade the PC? Upgrade the router? Buying a NAS or other storage solution isn't an option (I can't possibly convince my parents to buy one xd) FX-4300
  5. this is actually quite nice and fast... but is there a way to also access the sd card of my phone? it only reads the main storage
  6. What's the fastest way to transfer files wirelessly for free? I'm still saving up for a NAS...
  7. Hi, I'm sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong category... I was gonna post it on the laptop category but I thought that the opinions of the people here would be more valuable... I'm gonna be an IT freshman this March and was looking for a laptop... I don't know what I should be prioritizing... 1. Are "programming" programs cpu or gpu intensive? 2. How much ram do I realistically need? 3. Is storage size irrelevant? 4. Can I use a chromebook? (Do Windows apps work on chromebooks?) 5. Will I ever get a girlfriend?
  8. sorry... i don't know if i posted in the right section... but i made one in the programming section and i don't know how to transfer so im just gonna post a link to the post...
  9. hi... first of all i would like to clearly state that i have zero experience in programming... but i do have some experience in soldering... my mother has gone blind for about a year now and i would like to make her a device that would tell her the time and date... i did try to look for a commercial product that would do that and i did... but its on amazon... i live in the philippines and i cant find it locally... Amazon.com: Talking Large Button Alarm Clock - Telling Time and Date for Elderly, Impaired Sight or Blind: Home & Kitchen so i am now basically stuck with 2
  10. does anybody here know of a way/website that can sort out motherboards by their features? pcpartpicker had one but not for front headers... i'm trying to look for the cheapest am4 motherboard with a type-c front header...
  11. I'm not sure if I understood you correctly... you want me to probe for continuity the 4 wires and check if a pair opens/breaks a circuit when I plug the connector in... and then solder those 2 to the sense pin on the new port? Am I right? Also which one is the sese pin? is it labeled? *EDIT* either that or did you mean to check if it is opening/breaking a circuit and that if it is... then I no longer need to solder anything to the sense pin?
  12. Hi... I'm planning on converting my old laptop into a desktop pc thingy... I want to use an after market dc power port for it so that the final product would look cleaner... How do I wire it? The original port had 4 wires, 2 red and 2 black... The new port has only 3... I did try to find info online but best i could find is that the 3rd pin on the new port is a sense wire to detect if its plugged in... Im assuming the 2 red wires can be soldered to 1 pin on the new port and same for the black wire? I haven't bought parts yet so i don't know if the new port is labelled or not...
  13. UPDATE: It wasn' booting... It won't boot cus i unplugged the heatsink fan... The board needs the fan to bebplugged to boot... It defaults tovthe external monitor when the main monitor is unplugged... Everything works now...
  14. Hi, i don't know if i'm on the right section... I have a broken laptop and the only thing that I could save from it is the motherboard and the power button... How do I know if it still boots without the display? I tried using an external monitor but it stays blank... don't know if it's because it's not booting to the bios (no drive yet) or if the board is defaulting to the main screen (which is unplugged cus its broken)... *How do I make sure that I am defaulting to the external monitor? (The laptop keybiard is broken too so i can't use the function button to manually c