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  1. Anyone by chance know of good over the ear wireless headphones that are also open back and do not have a microphone? I have a standalone mic already so i dont need a microphone on the headset. Its not a huge deal if it has one the big thing is id prefer an open back i think if possible.
  2. yup its excellent it prevents you from overcharging by only charging the mouse up to around 80% and lets it drain i think to around 30% plus it acts as the wireless receiver as well
  3. trying to stay as similar in size as i can lol
  4. Its the primary reason to own a logitech powerplay mouse pad it charges your mouse wirelessly as you use it its by far my favorite mouse/mouse pad combo ive ever had
  5. I dont think this would work for me as i still want my mouse to be able to charge on the mouse pad
  6. Im looking to replace the mouse pad that came with the Logitech powerplay. I cant seem to find a suitable replacement that has the same or at least close enough size specs to the powerplay. Im trying to find a cloth mouse pad that is anti fraying as the one that came with the powerplay has obviously frayed pretty badly. anyone know any mouse pads that fit this? The size of the logitech powerplay is Length: 12.64 in (321 mm) Width: 13.54 in (344 mm) The mouse pad is also a 2mm thick cloth pad
  7. So i would likley need to upgrade both motherboard and cpu to get stable 3200mhz across 4 dimms? which motherboard would be good i had already planned on getting the ryzen 7 3700X and i believe my option are either the b550 or x570
  8. So, i am attempting to actually get the most out of my hardware and was messing with settings to try and get my ram to clock at 3200mhz and from the research i did it does not look like i can do it with my setup. I have 4x8 ram kit from corsair its the CMK32GX4M4B3200C16 and im unable to use the built in xmp or whatever asus calls it. i was wondering if there was a way to get it to run 4x8 at 3200mhz or if there is a motherboard that would support it i know its not on the QVL for my motherboard listed below. my hardware is asus rog strix b450-f gaming Ryzen 7 2700 corsair vengance lpx